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National Apple Month

October is national a ton of things month. One of those things is apple month! I’m actually not that big of fan of apples. Not when you just eat them straight. I have an issue with biting into the skin. It makes my teeth feel weird.

Anyways, National Apple Month was originally started as national apple week in 1904. It was started to increase apple sales and “enhance consumer awareness of usage of apples and apple products.”

Interesting apple facts:

  • There are around 2,500 different types of apples grown in the US
  • Only the crab apple is native to the US.
  • Apple trees are members of the rose family
  • It takes apple trees 4-5 years to produce their first fruit
  • It takes 50 leaves to produce one apple
  • A peck of apples is 10.5 pounds
  • A bushel is 42 pounds
  • One of every four apples in the US is exported


Earlier this month, my mom got an awesome present from a student. Her student brought in a big paper bag full of apples. I’m talking like a crap ton of apples. Even better, these apples are from their farm. So they are “organicish” apples.

Anyways, I knew we wouldn’t just eat all these apples. So I knew I had to bake. I’ve included the awesome recipes I chose to make with apples. I of course used more apples then the recipes called for, because I saw no reason not to. Why only use two apples with you have a bag with 50?

Click the picture to go to the recipe



Apple Blondies


Cinnamon Apple Bread


Caramel Apple Bread


Stuff I Still Want to Bake

Apple Pie Cupcakes


Apple Slab Pie


Apple Pie Bars


Apple Crumble Bars



Looking for more apple recipes? Follow my apple pinterest board or my bread board!

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