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National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

The entire first week of November is Animal Shelter Appreciation week. The holiday itself is pretty self-explanatory. Appreciate your local animal shelter!

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Before I had Ursula, I was involved with some local animal shelters. I really wanted a kitty, but couldn’t have one. To satisfy my urge, I volunteered. Volunteering isn’t all fun and playing with animals. It includes cleaning litter boxes, cages, ect. And while gross, it is totally worth it.

Want to help out your local shelter? Here are some great ways to do so.


Adopting an animal always helps a shelter. With another animal out, they have room to rescue yet another. Plus they can use the adoption fee towards helping more animals. If you want to prebrowse your local shelters, check out Pet Finder. Just be aware that the site isn’t always 100% up to date, so visiting is always the best way to pick your new best friend.


If you aren’t ready to adopt, or simply can’t, volunteering is another great way to help. There are always things to be done at an animal shelter. Clean, feed, play, repeat. OR you can volunteer other skills. Are you an electrician? A marketing wiz? A graphic designer? There are a ton of ways to volunteer your skills that doesn’t require cleaning poop.


Can’t donate your time? Donate stuff! Shelters always need animal food. ALWAYS. Other things to donate? Treats, litter, toys. Another big one is blankets. You can make blankets (think no sew fleece) or buy them. Some shelters have wishlists on their websites or their pages on petfinder. Of course, money is also always appreciated.

Properly care for YOUR animals

Make sure to spay or neuter your cats and dogs. Not doing so tends to lead to babies, babies that may end up at the shelter when you can’t find them homes. Make sure your best friend always has updated tags on them, just in case they do get lost.

Getting a pet microchipped is also great. I got Ursula microchipped for super cheap – there was a deal at a local pet store, when you bought $30 worth of anything, you got a coupon for a free microchipping. I of course used coupons and paid more around $5 and got the microchipping!

Care for local stray cats

Almost every city has cats living free and wild. These cats usually aren’t socialized with humans and don’t make adoptable pets. But they do help keep the rodent population down. Think barn cats. You can help out by humanly trapping them and getting them fixed. There are usually local vets that charge very little to fix these kitties. You can also help them by feeding them (they usually aren’t picky, the cheap stuff works!) or setting up warming beds, like this one here, here, here, or here.


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