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Movie Review: The Fifth Wave


The Fifth Wave

Open Jan 22

I read these books awhile back. I loved them. I basically sat in my room for three days devouring every word. The series is that good.

And for me, the movie was about 90% that. I’ve seen reviews on this movie, basically giving it one star. I honestly do not agree with that. Was it as good as the books? Of course not. But was it enjoyable? Yes.

Heck, even my dad liked it. And he really doesn’t like most movies.

So a little rundown of the movie.

Cassie is the main character. She is a young girl, around 16. Aliens have invaded the earth, attacking in four different waves. Stuff happens, Cassie meets a boy, other stuffs happens. If I tell you the whole story, it kind of gives it away.

My mom said it was kind of predictable. She is also a teacher and an avid YA novel reader. I also force her to go see A LOT of movies.

If you have read the books, you will want to see this movie. It follows the book pretty well, just leaves out minor details.

If you like movies such as the Hunger Games and Divergent, you should like this too.

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