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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Mother’s Day. The day we celebrate our moms for all they do for us. My mom puts up with so much crap from me. What she really deserves is a month-long vacation, but that is not something I can afford to give her. Maybe one day!

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

Because I’m pretty sure most of us cannot just send our lovely mothers on a month-long vacation, we need other gift ideas. And that my friends, is where my gift guide comes in.

Soothi Journal

Does your mom love to write or sketch? Then you need to get her a Soothi Journal. I got the journal with the “I Do Believe It’s Time for Another Adventure.” They have other quote journals, as well as initial and zodiac journals. The paper in these journals is so high quality. 

Fun fact: Cats love the string on the journal. Or at least Ursula did.

Face in a Case

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

I know that personally, I hate when I go out without makeup and half way into doing whatever, decide that I should have worn some. Or even more fun is when you do wear makeup and half way through you could really use a touch-up, but of course your makeup is at home. Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

With Face in a Case, you can take your makeup with you without having yet another thing to carry. There are a couple of cool things about it. The first is that it is magnetic, so when you depot your eyeshadow and such, they will stay in place in the case. The second is that the back side is a wallet, with room for ID, cards and cash! Of course, your mom doesn’t even have to use the big spot for makeup. Your mom could use it for a cell phone holder or more.Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

ReLeaf HDTV Antenna

ReLeaf Antenna

Does your mom pay wayyyy too much for cable? I know my parents do. Why not set her up with Netflix, Hulu, and an awesome Antenna? The ReLeaf antenna is the first and only eco-friendly antenna that is actually build from recycled cable set-top boxes. For just the price of the antenna, your mom can have free unlimited access to over-the-air broadcast tv networks such as Fox, ABC, CBS, and more.

Wild Eye Designs – Mermaid Bottle Opener and Stemless Wine Glass

Mothers Day gift guide 2017

When I was first looking for products to include for this guide, I had no idea what to look for. So I asked my mom. First thing she said? Wine. Moms like wine. I feel like I should maybe be insulted for how quickly she came up with the answer.

Anyways, I am loving these two products from Wild Eye Designs. The first is the Stemless Wine Glass set. You get the awesome glass plus a pretty wine stopper. Although a wine stopper suggests that you have leftover wine. Does that actually happen? 🙂

mothers day gift guide 2017

Is your mom more of a beer/cinder/wine cooler lady? Then she needs the Mermaid Bottle Opener. Mermaids are big right now, so mom will look cool being up with the trends.

Anne Klein Women’s Bangle, Watch, and Bracelet Set

mothers day gift guideMy mom has a thing about watches. She has to have some time of time keeping item on her wrist during day time. She says she feels naked without it. If your mom is the same, a great gift idea is a watch. Or maybe you are just trying to hint at her to be on time. Either way.

mothers day gift guide 2017What I like about this Anne Klein set is that you get so many pieces. If your mom really wanted, she could wear all four items at once. Or just mix and match. Heck, even if she didn’t want to wear a watch, she could still wear the bracelets.
mothers day gift guide

Bliss Shampoo/Conditioner, Body Wash, and Softening Socks Set

When I was picking out Bliss products to feature in this gift guide, I was super excited about the Softening Socks + Foot Patrol Cream Set. I had a pair a long time ago and I really wanted another. When it arrived and I was unpacking the box, my mom comes up and says, oh are those for me? They are for your Mother’s Day gift guide right? So according to her, they are amazing and make her feet soft.

I’ve been using the Bliss Supershine Shampoo + Conditioning Rinse Set every day. It smells so amazing. Like a freshly squeezed lemon. Plus it makes my hair feel great. I’ve also used the conditioner as more of a deep conditioner by coating my hair and just chilling in the warm shower for a bit.

I’m also in love with the Bliss Lemon + Sage Soapy Suds aka body wash. Does your mom like smelling good? Buy her this. Does she like getting products with a dual purpose? Buy her this. You can use it as body wash or as bubble bath. I wouldn’t say the amazing lemon smell really sticks around on you, but man it smells good when you use it.

So, what do you plan on getting your mom this Mother’s Day? Or hinting for your kids to get you?

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5 Responses

  1. These are some nice choices! I really like that journal, and I can see the antenna set coming in handy.

  2. Erin says:

    I wish I could give my mom a nice long vacation, especially if I could tag along with her. I’ll probably take my mom out to dinner, but these are some great gift ideas. I really like the Anne Klein bracelet set.

  3. I LOVE that journal. I bought myself a new Dyson for Mother’s Day, lol.

  4. Angela says:

    I would love a Bliss set for mother’s Day. and an hour alone to pamper myself 🙂

  1. December 12, 2017

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