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Snapped a Great Photo? Check out Mixbook!

Mixbook is the next big photo site. Or at least, I think it should be. You can make Photo Wall Calendars, Photobooks, Personalized Thank You Cards and more!

With Valentines Day coming up, you need to get a gift for your SO. Yes, you could get a card/teddy bear/chocolate/all the above for them, or you could get a gift for both of you. I think a lovey-dovey photobook with pictures of the two of you would be awesome. I know I would want one.

Valentines Day Photobook by Mixbook

OR, you could get a canvas photo. I love canvas photos, except I don’t have room for them. The one I do have is a picture of me and my cat. 😉

Canvas by Mixbook

Have you ever used Mixbook? Let me know in the comments below!

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