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Meet Logan: The First American Girl Boy Doll!

As a kid, I loved my American Girl dolls. Ok, to be honest, I still love them. I actually just found my originals (my Look Like Me who I named Marie, Kit, and a Bitty Baby) the other day. I just fondly looked at them, remembering how much fun I used to have. Meet Logan: The First American Girl Boy Doll!

One thing that did always suck though was that I never had a boy doll for them to play with. I could make Barbie go out with Ken, play mommy and daddy to Kelly. But I could never make my AG dolls be a mommy and daddy with Bitty Baby. Not that it ruined my childhood or anything. But still.

When I first learned of Logan, the first boy AG doll, I may have screamed a bit. Not like a crazy person or anything, but definitely enough for my mother to be slightly concerned. Ha. Sorry mom!

American Girl Doll Logan

So a bit about Logan: he is is friends with the newest girl doll, Tenney. They live both live in Nashville, TN where they are rising stars in the music scene. Logan plays the drums while Tenney sings and plays the guitar. American Girl Doll Logan

I love Logan’s outfit. It reminds me of what kids dress like (or should dress like) in schools today. His shoes were probably my favorite.

American Girl Doll Logan

One thing I thought was interesting was that he has his own underwear. But don’t worry, without his undies, he looks the same as the girls, aka nothing going on down there.

American Girl Doll Logan

While Logan doesn’t have any books of his own, he is featured in both of Tenney’s books.

Side note: I found all of my American Girl books with my dolls the other day. I only have like a bazillion to give to my future kids.

My niece, Ella, helped me play with Logan to see if he was a quality toy or not. It only took her about five seconds to be in love. We pretended that Logan was Wella’s (a Wellie Wisher) big brother. And as a big brother, he had to carry her around on his shoulders. I know if she had a full size AG (she is getting Samantha on Easter from her super awesome Auntie aka me) she would have made them go out on dates, just like her mommy and daddy do. American Girl Doll Logan
American Girl Doll Logan

I was told we had to take a photo shoot, so the pictures below are all the ones I was told I had to put on my blog.
American Girl Doll Logan     American Girl Doll Logan
American Girl Doll Logan

So, what do you think of the new American Boy doll? Will you be getting your child one?

*This post was written in exchange for the Logan Doll. This post also includes affiliate links*

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