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Mazda CX9 – AKA the Car I Didn’t Want to Return

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I’ve never been a big fan of driving. If you been around for awhile, you remember my funny story about being laughed at at the Detroit Auto Show. Because of my lack of need or want, I’ve always had cheap cars. My last one I bought for $900. And I’ve never really had a problem with it until I had to give back the Mazda CX9.

This car… man. It is about as close as you can get right now to a car that drives itself. My favorite part of the car was the amount of tech loaded into it.

First, the heads up display. When you are driving, you can see how fast you are going just by looking through your windshield.

Hate when you are on a road and there seems to be no speed limit sign ANYWHERE? You can have that show up on your windshield too. Only downside is when you are pulled over and say you didn’t know the speed limit, you are most definitely a big fat liar.

I also really liked the blind spot feature. If someone is besides you, aka so you can’t change lanes, it tells you in the side mirrors. If you start to drift out of your lane, it warns you on the windshield and vibrates the steering wheel. I may have drifted a few times just to test it (when no one else was on the road of course.)

One of my proudest moments in this car was when I used the backup camera to parallel park. The last time I parallel parked was for my driving test when I was 16. I LOVED using the backup cam. I backed in almost every time I parked, just so I could use the camera. The only downside on the camera was that when it was raining really hard, it just stopped working. No idea why. When we were done shopping and the rain was done, it magically came back on.

As you can see in the photo above and below, you get a fancy screen where you program the heads up info, pick your music, set the gps, things like that. I loved having XM radio because I got to listen to 90/00’s music every time I got in the car. With almost no commercials! And yes, I did force my mother to listen to 50 Cent.

Now lets talk storage. This car has three rows – the front, middle and back. I kept the back row down the entire time, mostly because I didn’t have anyone to sit back there. But with the back down, it created a crazy amount of storage. The amount of crap I could keep back there…

The front console area also has a bunch of space for throwing your wallet, your keys, etc. YES, your keys. Because this car has a button. A BUTTON. I know, this probably is normal for some, but my cars have always required keys in the ignition (except my first car, I could take the key out while it was running, but that’s a different story.) Anyways, I would throw my wallet/phone/keys in this area and it all fit perfect.

Now, most of the technical stuff I really don’t understand, so I ask you to please visit the Mazda site to find the specifications. That being said, the car did get about 21mpg with me driving it. It is supposed to get around 28, but it may have gotten less because I maybe went a bit higher than the posted speed limit. If there is any warning to give with this car, it is that it is REALLY easy to speed. My little car starts to shake at 70. The CX9 rode so incredibly smooth at any speed, even over some pretty big pot holes.

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The model I tested was the top of the line and runs about $45k. If you are looking to buy an SUV, heck even if you are thinking you want a smaller car, I highly recommend checking out the Mazda CX9.

Mazda CX9 - AKA the Car I Didn't Want to Return

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