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Make the Season Bright: Online Thrift Holiday Shopping Tips

This is a guest post from the fabulous people over at ReStitch!

Make the Season Bright: Online Thrift Holiday Shopping Tips

Our online holiday shopping tips and tricks for a festive season and happy wallet

The holidays are here! If you’re like us, you love the magic of the season one minute and find yourself totally overwhelmed the next. Holiday parties, gift exchanges, family get-togethers, school plays and faith gatherings make the last months of the year both fun and … expensive. Don’t fret! We’ve rounded up our favorite holiday online thrift shopping tips for maximizing the season while saving your wallet.

Make the Season Bright: Online Thrift Holiday Shopping Tips | reStitch

Holiday Décor

When it comes to holiday and seasonal décor, never feel pressured to pay full price. If you can wait until after the big day, take advantage of deep discounts on décor, wrapping paper. (Just imagine how ahead of schedule you’ll feel when you’re all stocked up for next year.)

If you are looking for seasonal décor now, save by checking out your local and online thrift stores. You can find amazing savings on classic colored ornaments and gently used artificial Christmas trees. A little bit of creativity (read: a cup of coffee and your Pinterest feed) will shower you with ideas for turning thrift-store stockings and fabric into holiday magic with little craft gear.

Having a big holiday gathering and in need of extra dishware? Online thrift stores (and those just down the street) can be a goldmine for festive dishes at a great price!

Holiday Apparel

Now that the house is decorated, you are going to need something to wear to the party. Sparkly skirts. Velvet dresses. Costume jewelry. ’Tis the season. We all like to be a little glitzier during the holidays, but if a party dress threatens your gift-giving budget, online thrifting is the ideal answer. These are pieces that are typically like new and the styles don’t change dramatically every year.

Check out online thrift stores like Goodwill NCW’s reStitch online boutique (launching later this year) for fabulous finds. Some online thrift stores (like put their profits back into the community in the form of employment services, job training, youth mentoring and more! That’s a holiday gift that keeps giving!

Make the Season Bright: Online Thrift Holiday Shopping Tips | reStitch

Secondhand Gifts

Have someone on your gift list who is extra hard to find the perfect gift for? A secondhand gift could be the perfect fit. If a friend or family member loves vintage items like decade-specific apparel and accessories, old typewriters or early editions of specific books, you could find an online thrift gem fit to gift! Plus using your new online thrift-shopping skills, you won’t even have to leave the couch.

Specialty items are other items that can sometimes be a great thrifting finds and gifts. Has your sister been on the lookout for a specific Michael Kors® bag that was recently discontinued? Consider checking online thrift or auction sites to potentially nab these great gifts. Looking for more guidance on secondhand gifts? Check out the reStitch guide to secondhand gifting to hone your sleuthing skills. You may even find you can save money on Christmas gifts.

Happy shopping!

– Team reStitch

Make the Season Bright: Online Thrift Holiday Shopping Tips | reStitch

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