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Cover Yourself and Your Home in Macarons


I’ll be honest, I’ve never actually eaten a macaron. But they are adorable, aren’t they? I don’t actually know what a macaron really is. But you don’t have to know to like the way they look.

Some fun facts about macarons.

  • Despite being known as a French treat, it was actually created in Italy.
  • The lady who created the cookie ended up marrying the man who became Henry the 2 of France.
  • Macaron and macaroni come from the same word, both meaning fine dough.
  • The first cookies were made of almond powder, egg whites, and sugar.
  • Only in the 20th century did they start putting filling on them and stacking them together!

Since they are so cute, I decided to put together some collages of the coolest products out there!

Macaron Dress Collage

Dress, earrings, watch, shoes, scarf

Macaron Swim Collage

top, towel, swim suit, tote, flip flops

Macaron Sleep Collage

Pillow, blanket, nightgown, socks, lamp

Macaron Planner Collage

Erasers, Washi, Pens, Pencil Case, Keychain, Post-its

Travel Macaron Collage

Luggage Tag, sunglasses, suitcase, headphones, contact case

Which one is your favorite?


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