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How to Look Pristine for Your Job Interview *Guest Post*

*Guest Post*

Nailing your upcoming interview is the key to landing your potential dream job or even just the post on the path to your dream job. An interview is your chance to shine, so never just brush it off. You should bring your best to the table at every meeting, first fast food job or corporate corner office, and your looks are going to be the first indicator of whether you’re a good fit or not.

Looking pristine begins with your outward appearance but deals with behaviors within your interview too. To make sure that you ace your interview, here are some simple guidelines to follow.

Before the Interview:

Practice Good Hygiene: Lousy hygiene will ruin any outfit. Taking the time to be clean and fresh is imperative before walking into an interview. Otherwise, you risk looking careless and sloppy. Be sure to shower the day of your interview and rinse your mouth with a top-rated mouthwash. Also, washing your hands will make the initial handshake go much smoother.

Get a good night’s rest the night before:. You don’t want to show up tired and unable to think clearly. If your mattress doesn’t allow you to get a solid night’s sleep, then read up on mattress reviews and see if you can find one better suited for you.

Don’t Go Overboard: Scent is a sensitive issue. Don’t go overboard with any perfume or cologne, as the interview will likely be conducted in a smaller and closed off room. You’ll overwhelm noses and heads if you slather it on.

Be Well Groomed: Pay attention to your hair and nails. Your hair should be dry and without excessive styling via gel or over the top accessories. Nails should be professional looking without being chewed on or torn, and they should be clean. These both contribute to a put together look. This also means making sure you aren’t sweating as you get ready. Keep your space cool with the help of an aircon service expert, so when you show up to the interview, you haven’t sweated through your shirt.

Be Informed: By studying what’s currently going on, what the company has achieved and what they hope to achieve, you’ll be a step above your co interviewees. Most people don’t take the time to do this, and it shows. By doing a bit of homework, you’ll demonstrate an authentic interest in where you’ll be working, and you will be able to ask applicable questions. Whether you’re going into financing and need to study up on the best private student loans of 2018, or you’re looking to work with a Las Vegas criminal defense firm, you want to be sure you know the ins and outs of the role you’re interviewing for.

Look the Part: Looking professional for an interview is a must. Be sure that you are clean and tidy, as well as clear headed. Never approach an interview dressed down. Dressy and appropriately professional clothes help make an excellent first impression, and convey your interest and commitment to the interview, and potentially even the job.

During the Interview:

Build rapport: You’ll never get a second chance at making a first impression. Interviewers have exceptional memory skills, so begin by greeting your interviewer with a handshake and a conversation icebreaker. The goal is to build a rapport, which creates a great setting for the interview. If the interviewer just happens to mention something off-hand that you know you can help with, bring it up. For instance, the interviewer might say they’ve been looking for an office cleaning company, and you happen to know of a great office cleaning service—mention it! Or if the interviewer mentions eyestrain from working at a computer all day, suggest they look into minimizing eye strain with computer glasses! Building rapport is about showing how you can benefit the company and the person looking to hire you.

Body language: Body language is huge in communication. Sitting up straight without slouching while appearing alert and interested in the conversation communicate that you are relaxed and confident. It can also express nervousness, so be sure to give off a positive vibe. You want to display confidence even if you’re a bundle of nerves on the inside.

Make eye contact: Perhaps this goes along with body language, but it’s such an important and often underused strategy that it deserves its section. In nonverbal communication, it is known as one of the strongest forms. It conveys focus and creates connections.

Be yourself: If you aren’t meant for a job, then it’s time to look elsewhere. Trying to be what you think the job will require will send off a feeling of you lacking authenticity. Being yourself is beneficial all the way around. This is also dealing with confidence. It’s rather difficult to be confident in something you aren’t, but no one will know how to be you better than you do.

After the Interview:

End the Same Way: Entering in a pristine fashion won’t do you any favors if you leave looking a mess. During the interview, control nervous habits like nail picking, hair twirling or fidgeting. Preserve your pristine image so that the interviewer sees your best side at all times. Doing so distinguishes yourself from the rest of the crowd. Also, always thank your interviewer for their time.

Follow Up: Be sure to follow up with your interviewer. Good manners are unforgettable, but so are bad ones. Send a thank you note for their time to add a personal touch and follow up if requested, or if you felt the interview went well. This shows your genuine interest in the position and conveys professionalism.

An interview is a valuable experience, and everyone that you have will teach you how to prepare for the next one. Following simple guidelines like these can help make any interview a success.

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