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Keep Your Life in Check with the Perfect Planner

This is a guest post from Your Best Digs! They wanted to figure out which planner ranks the best for people in 2o17. They created a focus group just to test a bunch out! Yes, they were that serious. Although they did forget to test out the Happy Planner (sad face) they did test a bunch more!

Even though choosing a weekly planner is a matter of personal preference and style, the team at Your Best Digs was confident in being able to narrow down the choices through testing to find the best of the bunch. In order to take the personal taste factor into consideration, they polled opinions from 11 highly-organized professionals at their content marketing agency. Then they held a focus group of eight, four men and four women, to review the top planners. You can see the original testing of the best planners of 2017 with full analysis and results.

Keep Your Life in Check with the Perfect PlannerWhen the final results came in, the best overall planner and highest planner rated by men was the Get to Work Book. It ranked 2nd on average from men and 4.25 on average from women, with high scores from everyone who used it. The women favored the Rifle Paper 17 month planner for its floral aesthetics and large writing areas.

The agency teammates started the review process by comparing more than 50 weekly planners, and helped us to narrow the field down to 11 preferred planners. Then each person used their top choice for a week or two in order to get some solid first impressions. Then the focus group of eight people numerically ranked them. The group ranked the planners in order of best to worst, with one being best and 11 being worst. Scores were averaged to create an overall ranking. The lower the score, the better the planner rated.

With an average ranking of 3.125, the Get to Work Book was the preferred pick for best 2017 planner overall. It won over testers with its spacious writing areas, clean look, and overall inspirational design. They appreciated the spacious areas for jotting down copious notes, and helpful tabs that make flipping through or getting to the right page a breeze. A tendency toward bulkiness and price point of around $50 did receive some negative reviews, but overall, it won testers over thanks to its monthly reflection sections and an “action items” area that makes prioritizing important tasks easy.

The Passion Planner drew the highest ratings from the men, and was praised for its sturdy design, granular time breakdowns, and monthly reflection sections. The hourly breakdowns were a style choice that either appealed or it didn’t, so if you like the idea, the Passion Planner could be a great choice for you.

The Rifle Paper 17 month agenda received the highest ranking from women, drawing them in with a beautiful yet functional design inside and out. The planner was lauded for its convenient toting size, motivational quotes, and tabs for quick reference. Some didn’t love the thinness of the pages, but that was the only negative aspect pointed out. The marble blonde planner was another popular choice with the females of the group, who liked the feminine design, large amounts of note-taking space, and two sheets of stickers that gave it a fun vibe.

Any weekly planner that helps you stay on top of your game is the best planner for you. In terms of popular opinion, the team found that the Get to Work Book and Rifle Paper agenda planners were the best at combining functional design with the inspirational features that make getting organized enjoyable. After all, the more you enjoy a planner, the more likely you are to use it and become your most organized self in 2017!

To read the full reviews, look at cool graphs and see the numbers on the rankings, check out the full post from Your Best Digs!

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