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Just Add Honey Review

*I was given this box for free in exchange for my honest review*

Before I studied abroad in London, I wasn’t really a fan of hot tea. I wanted to be, mostly because when I would go to a hotel I could stock up on free tea packets. Yes, I am that person. Shouldn’t be surprising though considering you are on a blog called Stingy, Thrifty, Broke. 🙂

Just add honey review

Once I was in London, I fell in love with tea. I honestly don’t even remember when I first tried it. I think it may have been in a little cafe right by the tube by my flat. It was perfect: just enough sugar and milk added in. Now I always have to add some type of sweeter, and usually milk too.

I was super excited when I got the chance to review the Just Add Honey subscription box. First of all, I just love subscription boxes. It is a themed present every month! Yes, online shopping is fun because you get stuff in the mail, but with subscription boxes you get stuff in the mail PLUS it is a surprise.

So a bit about the box/company. You can choose from three different subscription boxes:

Tea Box – $19.99 – You get 3 teas plus a treat

Honey Box – $12.99 – You get a jar of small batched American honey plus a treat

Tea and Honey Box – $29.95 – You get 3 teas, honey, and a treat!

So onto the box!

First came the honey.

Just add honey review

This is fancy honey. It is “Wildflower Whipped Honey” made in Jacksonville, FL by Stubbees Honey. I’ve never had whipped honey before trying this. It is definitely still as sweet, but I don’t see any other flavor difference. The whipped-ness gives it a different texture, more gritty. Ella and I sat there and just kept dipping our fingers in it. I did notice that I had to add a lot in order to make my tea sweet. But then again, I don’t usually add honey, I add sugar, so you may just have to add a lot normally.

Next up is the Lover’s Leaf black tea.

Just add honey review

Lover’s Leaf is a black tea – something I’m used to. While it definitely isn’t English Breakfast, it is still yummy. It is made in the Lover’s Leap Estate, which is located in Sri Lanka. I drank tea from Sri Lanka!

Just add honey review

I’ll be straight up honest, I’m not really sure how to describe the taste of tea. Good? Definitely. I added milk and honey and good became great. It definitely needs a sweetener though. I’ve never actually had tea loose, so I emptied out a disposable tea packet of green tea and poured the black tea in it.

Just add honey review

You may have seen this picture on my Instagram. You can see the holder thing from my DIY leaf holder. Mine turned out pretty light, but I think that is because of the amount of milk I added.

The second tea is the Secret Garden, a green tea with light caffeine. It is made out of: green tea, white tea, rose buds, calendula petals, mango, marigold blossoms, cornflowers, and pineapple. That is a LOT of stuff!

Just add honey review

I really don’t know how to describe this tea. A little flowery? I definitely didn’t taste any fruit flavors. I was a little disappointed in this tea, because even though I added a crap ton of honey, it never really got sweet enough for my taste. But it looks pretty!

Just add honey review

The last tea I got was the Roses Everywhere. Unsurprisingly, it is full of rose petals! It also contains strawberry, but like with the other flower tea, I didn’t taste it. I think that overall I’m really just a black tea fan and not so much a green or white tea. It was definitely a flowery flavor, although I’ve never actually eaten a flower, so I don’t have much to compare it to.

Just add honey review

This tea is beautiful though. Look at it! I love the way it looks.

Just add honey review

And lastly, my gift! I got this great smelling lotion. The smell reminds me of the basic lotion smell – slightly flowery and slightly almond-y. It was made in Raleigh, NC by the Greenwich Bay Trading company. It contains shea and cocoa butter, which makes my hands feel amazing. This is a lotion I might actually buy when it’s gone. It doesn’t take forever to absorb, like some other lotions do.

Just add honey review

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with this box. I do wish that you could customize it so you get only the kind of tea you want. I would get all black tea. I love the idea of the little batches of honey you get. My family has always just bought the honey that comes in the bear. If they had a black tea, honey, and gift box, I would be in heaven!

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  1. Andrea says:

    Creamed honey is great on a sandwich or toast- think of using it in place of jelly!

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