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The Live Action Jungle Book is Now on DVD/BluRay!

I’m a huge Disney fan. When I first found out that Disney was redoing majority of their movies in live action, I really wasn’t sure how well they would turn out. I mean, I know it is Disney, but still. How can you redo classics?

The Live Action Jungle Book is Now on DVD/BluRay!


Still, I saw the new Jungle Book the first weekend it was out. It is awesome. I love the little kid that played Mowgli – he did a great job! Plus I loved listening to all the animals and figuring out who was voicing them. Idris Elba is the voice of Sher Khan. He does an AMAZING job. He has such a scary voice when he wants to!

Anyways, I was really excited to bring it home on BluRay/DVD. I keep the BluRay, my parents get the DVD. 🙂

While we watched it from the comfort of our own home, Ursula decided to come see what we were doing. I’ve never seen legit watch tv before. Maybe glance, yes, but straight up watch? No. And she watched Jungle Book for at least 10 minutes. So if Ursula likes the movie, you will too!

Ursula Watching the New Jungle Book

I do have to warn you that I don’t think this movie is suitable for younger kids, like my four-year-old niece. If you remember, in Zootopia, the animals go savage and it is loud animal noises. That freaked my niece out. Jungle Book has the same type of loud animal noises.

If you are going to watch it with kids, why not download these super cool printable activities? If I wasn’t 23 with only a cat for a baby, I totally would.

*I did get a free copy of the movie in exchange for posting an announcement about the movie being for sale. But it did not influence my opinions in any way.*

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  1. Micielle says:

    It’s always been one of our family’s loved movies .I ‘m looking forward to seeing the new one.

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