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Celebrate Fat Tuesday with Paczkis!

It's Paczki Day!It’s Paczki Day! One of my favorite days of the year. Those of you who are religious probably know today as Fat Tuesday. In the Detroit area, it is definitely more known as Paczki day. And it’s not PAK-ski, it’s Poon-ch-key.

Paczki Day

So what the heck is a paczki? It is like a jelly donut on crack. Take a jelly donut, make it softer, 2 times the size, all while adding about 2,000 calories each. Which means you need to eat AT LEAST two.

What makes a paczki different from a jelly donut is the dough. Paczkis tend to be a lot eggier and denser. People tend to eat jelly donuts for the jelly. Paczkis are the opposite, you eat them for the dough. Or you be like me and eat them for both reasons.

You can get them in a variety of flavors, mostly fruity. My favorites are lemon and raspberry. But you can get flavors such as prune, apricot, cheese, custard, apple, strawberry, banana cream, and chocolate.

A little history about paczkis. They were created in Poland during the middle ages. They have always been served the day before Lent started. They were created as a reason to use up lard and eggs, which you weren’t allowed to eat during Lent.

Fun fact! Paczki means Little Package in Polish.

Paczki Day

If you are in the Detroit area today, make sure to take a trip to Hamtramck! It is a large Polish community just north of Detroit. Of course, anywhere in Metro Detroit area should have them!


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4 Responses

  1. Yum! I had never heard of paczkis before, but these look super delicious!

  2. They look really delicious, yummy!

  3. Lisa says:

    You must be close to me! I’m in Macomb county.
    We used to have a Polish truck driver at work and every year, he’d bring us a bunch of still-warm paczkis from his ‘dealer’, (or possibly his Mom) and they were like Heaven. I miss him! And the Polish sausage and bread, too. Mmmm.
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  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    This is the first time i have heard of these polish doughnuts, but I definitely want to try one of them soon.

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