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I’m Not a Label – Video Guest Post

This post and video was created by Fiadh Melina. Make sure to check out her blog!


This is extremely scary for me to share, but that’s exactly why I have to. People get scared of the stigma they face when they admit to having mental illnesses and only a tiny percentage have the means to try and reach out to the wider world and tell our story. Words have always been my thing, and I’ve always written about this in books and screenplays that have never seen the light of day and maybe never will. But one night, it was around 3am, I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep and my head was suddenly abuzz with an idea. I scribbled down all the words in this piece and slept soundly.

People with depression get a lot of labels thrown at them. This is me trying to stave off a few of those. This isn’t really an explanation of what depression is, it’s rather an explanation of what depression is not. I feel like when one tries to say ‘depression is this or that’ it meets nothing but deaf ears. So by attempting to tell what it’s not, I’m hoping one or two extra people will understand what we go through.

I also want to add that I’m good now, really good, and if you relate to anything in the video, please remember that you’ll come to a good time too. You won’t be able to see it, that there’s an end to all the dark and grey, but there really is, so just hold on and remember there are a lot of us out there in the same fight as you.


Fiadh Melina.

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