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How to Save the Most on a Clarisonic


I got a Clarisonic about a year ago. I was getting peels done every other week at the dermatologist. The girl always washed my face before hand with a Clarisonic. I LOVED it. My face always felt so clean! After about the fifth time, I got it in my head that I needed one.

When ideas get in my head, they tend not to go away. The day I started looking into getting one, I later went out and bought one. I even made my mom come with me. But, my dad had band practice at the house that night, so it wasn’t too hard to convince her.

I saved $0. Yes, me, saying absolutely nothing. It was absolutely terrible. So here I am, ready to help, so no one makes the same mistake I did.

Do Your Research

Yes, I know the Clarisonic is expensive. There are a ton of alternatives out there. Basically all of the cheap, and even some of the more expensive, beauty brands have their own version. Everything I read said that while the cheaper ones are nice, they still upgraded to the Clarisonic.

I like the Clarisonic simply because I can take it in the shower. I don’t wash my face in the sink, I do it in the shower at night. I also like that the charger is easy to use. It is like a magnet, pulling the charger part to the brush. And it only takes a few hours to charge.

So do your research. To me, it makes much more sense to not waste my money trying cheaper versions and just buy the one I would evenutally.

Take Your Time

Don’t be like me and decide you want one and go buy one that day. I highly recommend subscribing to the Clarisonic newsletter online. They will randomly have sales. Also sign up for the Ulta and Sephora rewards programs. You will get their sales ad, so you will know if it goes on sale in-store.

If you really don’t want to wait till Clarisonic has a sale, go in to both stores and check them out. When I got my brush, I got a package deal. For the same price as a normal Clarisonic, I got a bottle of face wash, face wipes, and oil papers + my brush. I highly recommend trying to find a package like that. Might as well get more for the same price.

DO NOT Buy the Clarisonic Brush Heads!

I know that the company and every technician will tell you that you MUST buy the expensive replacement brushes. You are supposed to replace them every three months. They are $22 each and almost never go on sale. That is insane!

Instead of buying expensive brushes, buy the cheap ones on ebay. I opened all my boxes and just dropped them all into a drawer. I honestly have no idea which are real ones and which are the dupes. That says a lot. I honestly think they are probably all made by one company and just sold under different names. I’ve tried a ton of different ones. Here are all the ones I’ve gotten:

Make the investment on the real Clarisonic but skip the real brushes.

Overall, with these tips, you can save some big cash while having an awesome facial cleaning brush. Do you have a Clarisonic? What do you do to save money?

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    These are great tips to help us save money on a Clarisonic. I do not own a Clarisonic and am thinking about it.

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