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How to Quickly Make Extra Money for Christmas *Guest Post*

How to Quickly Make Extra Money for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, with just over six weeks left to go until the big day have you really got yourself ready, especially financially, for Christmas? I know I certainly need to put aside some extra pennies so I can afford to get my family the gifts they deserve. So how can you go about making some extra money before Christmas?

Sell old clothes

This might sound silly but every single penny counts. If there is a mountain of old clothes in your wardrobe that you no longer use, what use is it having them sat collecting dust? Put some items up for sale on local sales Facebook groups and watch your Christmas fund slowly build up.

Do some freelancing

This is one of my favourite ways to pull in some extra money before Christmas. Sites like Upwork let you sign up for free and apply to odd jobs. It is kind of like offering one-off jobs in person but you do not need to physically go to do them.

The great thing is you are usually paid by the task, for example designing a logo, and if you are a quick worker you get the full payment even if it did not take you a lot of time.

Teach online

This is a great way to make money, as it actually pays really well. The more experience you have the more you get paid too. Ranging from $15-$25 an hour you can really build up that Christmas fund super quickly.

A lot of Chinese schools have taken to hiring online English teachers to teach English to Chinese children from 5-16 years old.

Become a Tutor

In the UK and US, right before Christmas there are a huge set of important exams. Offer tutoring in the subject which you are most confident and make some extra money this way.

You can either do this online or in person. Tutors are becoming more and more popular across the world.

Offer cleaning services

Christmas is a crazy time where most households begin to collect more and more items and become cluttered. Many people like to have a big clear-out right before Christmas but they just do not have the energy or the guts to actually throw a lot of stuff out.

Offer a one-time Christmas clear-out service to your friends and family in exchange for a small fee. You never know, they might like your cleaning skills and offer to have you clean more often!


Over the festive period it can be difficult for anyone with kids to actually get out for a night. I bet if you offered your babysitting services through a Facebook post you could make some extra money over the Christmas period.

Although this does not necessarily give you extra money BEFORE Christmas you can be sure to be able to pay off anything you have spent.

Sell your services

If you have any specific skills you can offer your services to people you know. For example, if you know how to build websites, create engaging social media posts or design fantastic logos then let people know. Make a post on your Facebook offering your services to friends and family at a discount and watch the extra pennies come in!

Create a digital product

Create and sell a digital product online. This can be something like a book, maybe you have a deep understanding of a certain topic… or maybe you just have a great story to tell. This is a great way to establish a way to make an income online and if you can commit to sitting down and getting something written up you can begin earning pretty quickly once it is available for purchase.


Natasha is an educational blogger at Smile Tutor. She blogs about education, tutoring and teaching and everything that comes with it.

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