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How to Get Started Couponing

How To Get Started CouponingingCouponing. People have been couponing since the late 1880s. Coke gave out freeĀ  coupons to promote his new drink. During the depression, the act of couponing really gained popularity. When my great-grandma died in her mid-90s, we had to clean out her house. There we found coupons from who knows when stashed away in a box.

I started couponing about two years ago. I had no real idea what I was doing. I just wanted to get free stuff like the people on Extreme Couponing. 100 bottles of ketchup for .20 cents? 80 boxes of pasta for $1? I knew I needed to get in on that.

But here is the reality – a lot of what is shown on that show is either A) impossible to recreate or B) straight up fraud.

It is possible to walk out of a store with a cart full of groceries for under $50. That is much more reasonable. Although I truly believe that even if you save only a dollar, it’s still a dollar you didn’t have to spend.

So now that I’ve convinced you to start couponing, you probably wondering where the heck to start. The first thing to do is to get coupons. There are a few ways to go about this.


This is where the majority of all coupons come from. Each week there is usCoupon Insertsually two coupon books: Redplum and SmartSource. Once a month, usually the last Sunday, the P&G book comes out. This book is usually filled with higher value coupons, but only for P&G brands.

There are many places to buy a newspaper. My favorite is Dollar Tree. Everything is a dollar, so that includes newspapers. Depending on your region’s paper, it could cost you from $1 – $3 to buy a paper anywhere else. So I definitely recommend checking your local Dollar Tree. Just make sure you get there early on Sunday morning, or else they may sell out.


The internet is full of coupons. Most internet coupons are found on But Internet Printables (IPs)there are other sites, including redplum, facebook and company websites.

A big thing to know about internet coupons is that on most sites you can only print the coupon twice. The only way to get around this is to have multiple devices to print from. There is a way to trick the website, but I have yet to successfully figure it out.

In Store

This way of getting coupons can sometimes be controversial. Companies put coupons on their products to give a potential costumer an incentive to buy their products. I am the type of person who takes those coupons from the products. I love doing it. Basic courtesy is to only take one or two. I take as many as I want. I usually, but not always, leave a few for others.


Sometimes companies will send you coupons directly. To get coupons though, you need to email them. Don’t just email them asking for coupons. You will more than likely get told no. Instead, tell them why you like their product. Do you love to eat it? Does it make your clothes so much cleaner than other brands?

Little stories like these is what is going to get you coupons. Another way is to complain. But please, do not, I repeat, do not complain about a product just to get a coupon. They usually take complaints seriously and will look into issues. So only complain if there is a legit reason to.

Up next, learn how to find the best deals.

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