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How to food dive

Food diving tends to really turn the average person wayyyyy off. I think they think of a homeless person eating spaghetti leftover from someones plate earlier that evening. But I promise it is nothing like that. Dumpster Dived candy

When I food dive, I mostly get product and candy. Produce because of the short shelf life and candy because stores over order. But occasionally I find meat and prepacked foods. 

Just make sure to stick to the following rules.

Trust your judgement.

If you wouldn’t buy it in the store, don’t take it.Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.50.08 PM

Smell it.

If it has a funking smell, leave it. A weird smell usually means it’s bad and if it’s bad you definitely do not want to take it home.

Touch it.

This mostly applies to meat. If you touch it and it isn’t cold, leave it. Free food isn’t worth getting sick. Dumpster dived meat

Check everything.

You don’t want to come home only to find that both green peppers in the package are rotten. While you can just cut out the bad parts, I know that I personally don’t.

If you have room for it, take it.

Dumpster dived foodAm I really going to eat 20 green peppers before they go bad? Probably not. But I can cut them up and freeze them. Almost everything can be frozen. Even eggs.

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