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Holiday Gift Guide: Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of those book/movie series that is going to last forever. If you’ve lived under a rock these last ten years, Harry Potter is about a boy who survived attempted murder and then found out he was a wizard and had to face his attempted murdered. It is a great series. I highly recommend reading the books before watching the movies though. There is so much more in the books that simply couldn’t be stuffed into the movies.

Because Harry Potter is so long-lasting, there are still a ton of fans out there. Fans = easy presents. There are a ton of cool ideas out there. This is definitely just a sample. Of course, if you are feeling crafty, you can diy a present. Or just buy it, if craftiness isn’t your style.

91J3HynWDFL._SL1500_ dscn1494                                           BUY IT                                                                    DIY IT

91R9f81EeGL._SY500_ FDK9X14GWF5TBN0.MEDIUM                                         BUY IT                                                                      DIY IT

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.38.34 PMHarry Potter Always Graphic Tee                                 BUY IT                                                                         DIY IT

91FITChII-L._SL1500_ AlohomoraHArrypotterkeyrack                                     BUY IT                                                                        DIY IT

71bA3h6IMJL._SL1000_ hpsnug                                       BUY IT                                                                   DIY IT

41rujio+N1L Harry Potter Pillowcase 21

BUY IT                                                                     DIY IT

41MFXYXAnwL 067-Harry-Potter-Deathly-Ti-575x431

BUY IT                                                                      DIY ITScreen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.54.10 PMCall Ajaire Harry Potter Crop Top main                                        BUY IT                                                                    DIY IT


41rmrjETRFL 20140208_221939

 BUY IT                                                                      DIY IT51Ood0Qc8sL harry potter weasley clock 1                              BUY IT                                                                  DIY IT814TxPOeGbL._SL1500_ potions1

BUY IT                                                       DIY IT Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.36.20 PMPICT7131

BUY IT                                                         DIY IT
41H1QM547GL wands23words                                                         BUY IT                                                            DIY IT

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