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Hask Beauty Almond Oil Products Review

*I received these products for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review*

I take a shower at least once a day. Sometimes a couple of times a day, especially if it is cold. I’m the type of person who HAS to shampoo my hair once a day, or my hair gets nasty. One day of no shampoo equals hair greasy enough you may think I sprayed high gloss paint on my head. Yeah, it’s gross.

When I was offered the chance to try some hair products from Hask, I jumped on it. If you’ve never heard of Hask (which I would be surprised if you did) here is bit of info:

They’ve been around 50 years

They are known for their single/double use intensive conditioning treatment

The don’t test on animals

Hask products are safe to use with colored hair

All Hask products are made in the US.

So what did I get to try? The Almond Oil line, which consists of shampoo, conditioner, and a spray. I really don’t know much about Almond Oil, except that it is good for my hair. There are three main ingredients in each product: ginseng, gleditschia, and white nettle. They are all free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artifical colors. I’m really happy about the sulfates and parabens, because those are in the cheap shampoos and they aren’t great for your hair.


Hask Almond Oil Hair Products Review Hask Almond Oil Hair Products Review Hask Almond Oil Hair Products Review

First off, I got this super cute bag with the products inside. I think it is cute; I like the saying. Yay cute bags I don’t need!

Hask Almond Oil Hair Products Review

Here are my products. My first thought was that they are kind of tiny. I’m used to the giant bottles of suave or tresseme or whatever.

Hask Almond Oil Hair Products Review

First thing about this line. It smells awesome. It is mint and my hair smells so good and clean after I use it. The shampoo takes a bit to get it to really lather, something at first I was concerned about. But now that I’m used to it, no big deal. My hair feels pretty clean with just one wash.

Hask Almond Oil Hair Products Review

Like the shampoo, the conditioner smells awesome. My hair is crazy soft after using it. My hair is soft to begin with, but it actually gets softer. I didn’t know that was possible.

Hask Almond Oil Hair Products Review

I’ve actually only used the spray a couple of times. I never remember to put stuff like this in my hair. It does give my hair a weird texture after it dries. So I’m not super impressed by this. I don’t really think it does anything.

Hask Almond Oil Hair Products Review

Here are some beautiful pictures of me. I really can’t tell a difference in the body of my hair. To me it looks the same as it always does.

Hask Almond Oil Hair Products Review

This is the only place that could have more body. But does it have body because of the spray or because I braided it? Who knows.

Hask Almond Oil Hair Products Review Hask Almond Oil Hair Products Review Hask Almond Oil Hair Products Review

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful photos 😛

Overall, I do recommend the shampoo and conditioner. While I don’t really see a difference in my roots, thus the body of my hair, I still really like them. They make my hair smell amazing and I LOVE that they are free of all the yucky stuff that normal shampoos/conditioners usually have. They are kind of expensive, about $6 each. But you can buy them at Ulta and get points every time you buy with their rewards card.


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