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Happy Sleep Comfort Month!

It is sleep comfort month! If you know me personally, you know that I absolutely adore sleep. I can take a nap pretty much anytime, anywhere. I tend to go to sleep late, but sleep ridiculously late. It has always driven my mother insane. 🙂

Looking for tips for better sleeping?  Here are the best tips I’ve found from the internet.

Set a regular bedtime

Apparently, going to bed at the same time every day can really help better sleep. This is because your body gets adjusted to sleeping at a certain time, so when that time comes, your body is ready.

Set a regular wake-up time

Just like setting a bedtime, you should set a regular wake up time. It is for the exact same reason. Your body will be ready to get up and you may even start waking up before your alarm!

Use your bed for sleep only

This one is hard for me. But try to keep your bed just for sleep. If you just sleep while in bed, your body will recognize it and be ready to sleep when you settle down. I tend to hang out in my bed, so my body definitely does not know the difference of a place to sleep and a place to just relax.

Stop drinking caffeine 6 hours before bed

Caffeine can keep you awake, especially if you drink it before bed. Research says six hours before sleeping is the right time to stop drinking. Try water or juice or tea instead.

Be comfortable!

This one is my favorite. Being comfortable definitely helps getting to sleep.

Here are some of my recommendations for being comfortable.

Get a sleep-able bed:

I have had the same mattress forever. I got really lucky dumpster diving one night and found a memory foam mattress pad. When I got it home, it ended up being too big for my bed. I was easily able to cut it down to fit my bed though. Finding it made my bed so much more comfortable. Below is one that is a lot like mine. Of course, you can always just buy a memory foam mattress, but that costs a crap ton more!


Get fluffy pillows

Fluffy can mean different things to different people. Personally, I like a mix of pillows. I have a really bad habit of getting pillows and not throwing out the old ones. Whoops.

I currently have two types of pillows on my bed: Normal polyester fill and memory foam.

My normal-type pillow is super fluffy in the truest fluffy way. It kind of “poofs” when you lay down on it. It is very comfortable and it great for both sleeping and laying back on when I’m playing on my computer or watching tv.


The other is my memory foam pillows. One of these are bamboo. It isn’t exactly a memory foam pillow like most would think, it is memory foam that has been shredded and put in a pillow. Either way, it is pretty comfortable.


Get soft blankets

Oh blankets. Blankets are my one true joy. Ok, that’s not true, but I do love my blankets. I have an obsession. Like pillows, I really hate getting rid of blankets. I have blankets stored pretty much everywhere in my room. I have comforters, throws, even a couple homemade crocheted ones (like my awesome tardis blanket!) Currently, I have a frozen blanket, a comforter I got at Kmart for $2, and a fuzzy throw I got on clearance from CVS for about $2.

I really want the blankets below, so if anyone wants to buy me them *christmas hint hint* I wouldn’t mind it.

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Get comfy pjs

I tend to go back and forth with my pjs. Usually, I wear pj bottoms. The fuzzy kind. Then a t-shirt or tank top. Or I wear sweatpants. I almost always wear a hoodie. I have a giant Wayne State hoodie I got at a thrift shop for $1 and I love it.


Do you love to sleep all the time? What makes your sleep comfortable?

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