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Save Money with Groupon Goods!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

You probably know about Groupon. You can get awesome deals for a variety of services, restaurants, and even travel!  But did you know you can also buy products at basically clearance prices?

Right now on Groupon Goods, there are a ton of great deals. You can get almost $4000 earrings for $400, aka 90% off! Get a queen memory foam mattress cover for $100. Or my favorite, a giant cat tree for $24.

One thing to know about buying stuff off Groupon Goods is that when it sells out, that is it. All gone. Now, it may come back, but there is no guarantee.

I think the best way to shop Groupon Goods is to look for branded products. For example, you can get a refurbished Macbook right now for $1000. That is $1000 off the retail price (aka the price I paid.) Save $100 on a new Iphone 6. Refurbished Beats headphones are $79  (compared to $199) and a Ruku is only $26.

Most of these items NEVER go on sale. Anything Apple will never be on sale, even on Black Friday. I personally have no problem with refurbished products, especially if it means saving a crap ton of money.

Have you ever bought anything off Groupon?

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