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How the Grinch Stole Christmas the Musical Review

I recently saw the classic show, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the Musical, at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, MI. 

The show is a mix of the cartoon and live movie. The show is narrated by an old version of Max the dog. He tells the story of the night the Grinch stole Christmas from his perspective. Overall it works, but sometimes it is confusing with two Maxes on stage (the old and the young.) The old Max also doesn’t look so much like a dog, so you might have to let your kids know who he is. I had to for my niece, because she was expecting a real dog.

The who’s were a lot of fun – but also a bit annoying. At one point I was kind of glad all their annoying toys were to be stolen. You know you’re an adult when you start to understand the Grinch!

There was a part of the musical that did concern me a bit. Luckily, my niece didn’t understand it. What happened: Cindy Lou Hoo was playing with a red rocking horse at the store. Her mother asked her if that was what she wanted for Christmas and Cindy replies, Santa knows what I really want. Her mother then buys the horse. Later, the parents sneak through the house leaving Santa’s presents. It came as close to saying “parents are really Santa” without actually saying it. So if your kid is on the cusp of giving up Santa, you may not want to take them to see this show. 

Despite this, I did enjoy the show. The music was a lot of fun. The show was funny, with the Grinch interacting with the audience. Of course, the “Your a Mean One” song was so much fun to sing with the rest of the audience. Plus the number was full of lights and dancing!

Overall, this show is great for children of all ages. I definitely recommend this show to kick off the Christmas season!

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