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Go Back to School with Go-Go Squeeze!

*This post is sponsored by Go-Go Squeeze*

Don’t you love when you send stuff in your kid’s lunchbox and it comes back home? Or even more annoying, when you are told it went right into the trash? My niece is one of those kids who fusses over food all the time. We hear “I don’t like that, that’s gross” all the time. 

With my niece going into kindergarten this year we needed to find something that she would be willing to eat. Go-Go Squeeze will do just that. Go-Go Squeeze is a perfect, easy snack. She can take them as a healthy classroom snack, eat one with her lunch and/or grab one to hold her over until dinner after school.  The easy grab and go design makes it ideal for children and adults.  

Go Back to School with Go-Go Squeeze!

Ella agreed to help me try out four delicious sounding Go-Go Squeeze flavors. We tried the Apple Cinnamon Applesauce, Apple Raspberry Lemon Twist Applesauce, Apple Grape Applesauce, and the Blueberry Yogurtz.

Blueberry Yogurtz

Check out the video of my niece trying out the blueberry yogurt. She liked it because “It tastes like blueberries.” 

Apple Raspberry Lemon Twist Applesauce

While this one wasn’t Ella’s favorite, I enjoyed it. I’ve always been a fan of different fruit flavored applesauce. The lemon added just the right amount of a twist to the apple raspberry that it quickly became my favorite. 

Apple Grape

Ella thought the apple grape was good because it “tasted like grapes.” Well, she wasn’t wrong. The apple grape blend is a nice change from plain applesauce. 

Apple Cinnamon 

 The classic apple cinnamon applesauce was definitely Ella’s favorite. She thought it tasted like a dessert which will make it a real hit during the school year.  Watch the video below of her taste-test.

Have you or your kids tried Go-Go Squeeze? What did you think?

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  1. August 22, 2017

    […] let your kids lunches get boring – send a GoGo Squeeze in their lunchbox! Check out my review of four different GoGo Squeeze flavors.      Don’t send your kid cookies […]

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