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Gifts for Dads Who Love their Dogs

The dog in my house, Mia, technically started out as my dog. I paid for her, I loved on her, etc. But, now, well, she is definitely my dad’s dog. He treats her really well, especially since our other dog, Ellie, became my niece’s dog. My dad will let Mia up on the couch, let her wander around with him. He takes her to the store all the time and even brings her in the shower with him. It’s really funny.

Gifts for Dads that Love their dog

I know my dad isn’t the only guy who loves his dog. Heck, I know many guys who think they are dads because they have a dog. I have no problem with that, as I totally thought I should be able to celebrate mother’s day because of Ursula. No one else agreed with me. 🙂

Anyways, back to dads. I have curated (big fancy word!) this cool list of stuff you could get your dad – for his pet.

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