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It is national book blitz month. I tried really hard (went to the second page of google) to find the history of this month-long holiday. I couldn’t find anything! It just kind of is. Not a problem with me though, because I love celebrating books.

Books are something you really shouldn’t need to pay for. I know, I know, authors everywhere are cursing my name right now. But when you are stingy and broke like me, books are something you can’t just spend money on (except textbooks – no getting around that unfortunately.) The first post of this month long celebration is physical books. Yes, books you actually hold and turn the pages. Books you could buy at Borders.

But instead of buying them, I’ve found a way to get (own) them free. 🙂


Library Thing, free books

LibraryThing is a great way to get books before they are out for the public. The whole idea is that you get the book and then review it. It helps both the publisher and the author. You probably won’t get the newest book in the big hit series, but hey, a free book is a free book. They have a new batch of books every month. The list is usually HUGE and has books from pretty much any genre out there. (They do offer ebooks and audio books along with physical books.)

Imagination Library

Imagination Library, free books

This free book service is actually for kids. It was created by Dolly Parton (yes, the singer) to help kids get books of their own once a month. It has grown so popular that it is in the US, Canada, and the UK. Don’t just look at the map for locations, check the drop down menu. For example, it shows only two pins for Michigan on the map, but like 30 Michigan locations in the drop down menu. Stingy Christmas gift idea: save them up all year and give 12 books for Christmas.


Goodreads, free books

I probably should have started with Goodreads, because a lot of people have heard of them. Oh well. Overall, Goodreads is basically a low-key social network based around books. What puts them on this list though is their Giveaway section. You can enter as many giveaways as you want. The winner(s) are completely random. I like them for two reasons. One, you can see how many books are being given away and how many people have entered. Second, they have a ridiculous amount of books. At the time of writing this, there are 30 books on a page and 83 pages to look at! Like LibraryThing, a lot of the books are completely random. But hey, free books.


Ahhh Craigslist. Where you can get a couch and a pet in one cheap transaction. If you live in a bigger city, you can find A LOT of book options. Check out the free section first (you may find other fun stuff) and then just search books. You have to pay for gas to pick them up (usually) but hey, still mostly free.

The Library

Yes, the library! I definitely do not mean checking out a book and never returning it. That’s bad. Don’t do that.

My local library has always had a free book cart right in the lobby. The books are usually old, but beggars can’t be choosers. If you need books for a craft project, this is also a great place to look.


Ask your friends for books. Usually good friends will swap with you. Or maybe they are awesome friends and they will just give you a book. Hit up friends that are doing spring cleaning. About three times I’ve purged my books and given away, ehhh, hundreds of dollars (if not more) in free books. Another good idea is to ask for books for gifts. I just saw a great idea on Facebook about asking friends to gift you their favorite book. Five friends, five new books.


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