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Fun with Wigs

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I’ve always had issues with my hair. I rarely can make it look the way I really want it to. I can curl my hair, but it falls out within an hour. My hair is so soft, so I can’t tease it to get big volume. It sucks really. I basically can have my hair up in a bun or down.

PLUS, I have red hair. Because my hair is so unique, I’ve never wanted to dye my hair. If I was a blonde or a brunette, I think I would have had fun dying my hair fun colors.

Luckily, for me and people like me, we can have all sorts of fun with wigs. I can have long curly purple hair…

Or short curly purple hair. Especially since I’ve never been able to pull off short curly hair with my own!

Or of course I can just try to pull off Little Mermaid hair. I used to have long hair a longggggg time ago. I always want long hair again, but end up chopping it off. This way I can have long hair when I randomly want it and my normal short hair when I don’t!

Have you ever worn a wig? Thinking about getting one? Make sure to check out Divatress for yours!

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