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Yes, Freebies are Real!

I have been a freebie hunter for the longest time. Even in high school, I would spend hours online combing the internets for free stuff.

Why do companies give out free stuff?

Most people don’t believe you can actually get free stuff, but you can! Many wonder why the heck a company would give out their products for free. Simple: get a product into the hands of the consumer as a sample, the better chance of the consumer actually buying the product.

Here is an easy example. Sam’s Club gives out food samples, usually on the weekend when they are busiest. You try a little sample of food you have never, and probably would have never, eaten before. It is delicious. It also happens to be on sale. So you buy it. Tada!

While I don’t usually end up buying a product after getting free, I am not most people. The last thing that I did buy was a charcoal nose strip. Those kinds for blackheads. It worked really well so I figured I should invest in some.

What Kind of Stuff Can You Get for Free?

Pretty much anything! I’ve gotten food, personal care, makeup, cleaning products. Big companies, and sometimes smaller ones, give free samples. But mostly big companies. But you may get a sample of a new product from a well known brand or a something from a little company that just wants its name out there.

How to Avoid the Scams

There are a TON of scams for free stuff on the internet. I’m sorry, but you are never getting an ipad, playstation 4, or macbook for free. Ever. End of story.

Most of these “freebies” make you go through a ton of steps. Do a survey, sign up for some newsletter. Then they tell you you are so close, just one more step! That one more step usually involves getting out your credit card.

Don’t fall for these scams. All they are are a waste of time and money. Think of them as the “long lost relative from Nigeria” of free samples.

The Real Freebies

Now even though there are scams, there are some legit freebie sites out there. I usually use the following websites to find my goodies. They post only legit links.

Free Stuff Finder -they have more than just freebies, including coupons, good deals, ect.



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