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Free Victoria Secret Rewards!

I love me some Victoria Secret. Unfortunately, I can’t really afford it. Ok, I can’t afford it at all. I especially love their hoodies, but they are around $50 a pop. I barely want to spend $4 on a t-shirt, let alone $50.

But, I have a crap ton of Victoria Secret stuff. How? Simple: reward cards. Twice a year, VS gives out cards worth at least $10 on them. To get them in store, you have to spend at least $10. But it isn’t well known that you can also get them for free.

To do this is pretty simple. It does cost still, but very little in the long run. You need a roll of stamps, which is like $50.

You have to send a card to the promotions team. To do this, get a 4×6 index card or piece of paper. On that, write:

Your name


Date of Birth


Send these to:

Promotions team

c/o the marketing arm

1999 bryon st. Suite 1800

Dallas, TX 75201

You can send out ONE CARD per day, between October 27th-November 30th. If you send in one per day, you will be getting a minimum of $280! Why do I say minimum? Because cards can have more than just $10 on it, anything up to $500.

Now, you may be saying, I want to send more than one! I have a way around that. I send one out every day for me, with my address. One out for my mother, with my grandmas address. One for my dad, with his mom’s address. One for my niece, one for my cat, ect. As long as you are using a different name, address, and email, you can send one out per each day. Just make sure the email you use you can get into to collect the rewards. My mom and I will end up splitting them, because my dad and my cat sure don’t care.

Are you going to do it? Let me know!

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