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Fab Five Friday: Closet Organizing Edition

It’s get organized month. Yes, it is a thing! I love organizational tools. I’m still messy, but I’m an organized mess. šŸ˜‰

VANORIGĀ® Non-slip Multi-functional Stainless Steel Non-trace Clothes Hanger


I am a big fan of this hanger. Why? Because it is covered in silicone which makes it completely antislip!Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.06.35 PM I own a crap ton of sweaters and with this hanger, they never come off! 513jPnBMNyL._SL1001_The silicone “sticks” the clothing to the hanger without actually being sticky.51ElNGt1-wL._SL1001_ On the bottom of the hanger there are two hooks for hanging thin straps and such.

VANORIGĀ® Heavy Duty hangers Non-Slip Durable Clothes Hanging

I have a ton of sweaters. Probably more than any normal person should. Because of all my sweaters, I need lots of hangers.Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.08.46 PM Normal wire hangers tend to do a crap job at keeping sweaters on though. 61M6kNye8eL._SL1002_This hanger is great. It has silicone covering which grips all different kinds of fabric. 61W3r6qcJcL._SL1001_No slipping here! There is also little hooks on it so you can hang from the bottom.

VANORIGĀ® Set of 5 Colorful Foldable Clothing Hangers


I am a big fan of this hanger.Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.10.38 PM 619ELo1RkvL._SL1001_ It is foldable, which such a cool feature. It folds super small for easy storage and portability. Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.10.42 PM When folded out, the hanger has two little dips which allow you to easily hang straps from the hanger.51V6fi4yhlL._SL1139_

Best Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench


I was super excited about getting this shoe rack. My utility room just holds all of my families shoes on the floor. 71wmRfWBOtL._SL256_ I was excited to see if this would hold up to all of my families shoes. Surprisingly, it did! I won’t lie, it seems really junky. 71rfA2cvuBL._SL256_It is crazy easy to put together. You just put the poles into the holes on one side of a plastic piece and then attach the other plastic piece. 71dK5XCuHyL._SL256_That’s it. So far it holds up to all the shoes, plus us taking our shoes right off on it and being shoved around.

VANORIGĀ® Quality New Pack of 6 Plastic Multi-functional Clothes Rack, Telescopic Folding Clothes Hanger


I really like this hanger! I did only receive one in order to review it.
So why do I like it? 71EhChcn9fL._SL1001_Because when I am not using it, it folds up! I mean, how cool is that? It is super easy to fold up, just a little pressure to the middle. Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.14.39 PMThe no slip cover moves in and out if you have larger sized clothes.

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