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Fashion Friday – My Sister Necklace

My sissy died when I was 15-years-old. My sissy was my hero. She was 18 when I was born. She was the big sister that hung out with me and watched dumb movies and made us oreo milkshakes. She was the one who sent me care packages for every camp I went to and even surprised me at the end of one cheer camp. She was the one who would send me letters in the mail just because she was thinking of me. She was my sissy.


I got this necklace for her – but also for me. Because while I lost my sissy, I still have my big brother. I have to remember to be a good sister to him. And while sometimes it is hard (we are siblings – we do disagree), he will always be my big brother and I, his little sister.

IMG_7656 And I will always be his little sister. Not just his sister, but his little sister. I have a feeling I’ll be 50 and still be introduced that way.IMG_7655

Right now you can get your own NEW Tribe Necklace for $11.99 + FREE SHIPPING w/code TRIBE4.


They also have these awesome circle ones. I got the ‘the struggle is part of the story.” If you’ve read my post about my depression, I’m sure you’ll understand why I picked that one.


Which necklace would you pick?

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  1. Meg Williams says:

    This is so sweet! Sorry to hear about your loss. I know exactly how it feels to lose someone. One of the thing I love about getting a personalized one or a custom one is how it is being made for people that truly reflect who they are. Just keep going!

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