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Fashion Friday Story – Michigan, My Michigan

If you didn’t know, I’m from Michigan. I have a very love/hate relationship with Michigan. I love it because it’s my home. I hate it because it’s my home and I’m allowed to complain about it.

Fashion Friday Story - Michigan, My Michigan

I live about 20 minutes south of Detroit. When people ask where I’m from, I just say Detroit. When I was studying abroad in London, I used to first say I was from Michigan. Then I just ended up saying Detroit because even overseas people know about Detroit.

It makes me sad that when people think of Michigan, they only think of Detroit. And not the new, up and coming Detroit. But the run down ruin porn type Detroit. But Michigan is so much more than just Detroit. I’m pretty sure everyone learned about our great lakes with HOMES (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior). Going to Lake Michigan and spending a day on the beach is almost as good as spending it on the ocean. It seems like an ocean because you definitely cannot see across. Plus all the little towns up and down the coast, just waiting to be explored.

Fashion Friday Story - Michigan, My Michigan

Even if you don’t like the beach there is still so much to Michigan. Go up north to Traverse City, Mackinac City (sounds like mackinaww), or even further to the UP (Upper Penninsula). I promise you have never seen such beautiful forests. You may think you have but trust me, you haven’t.

Fashion Friday Story - Michigan, My Michigan

You may be wondering, well what does she hate about it? There are a couple of things. Our weather is wacky. We’ve had it be 80 on a Monday and snow on the ground by Friday. Yes, I’m for real, it happened this spring! We tend to have crappy winters that are crazy cold. Not Alaska cold, but it sure feels like it when the wind chill is under -20. We actually have an extra season from the rest of the states – construction season. As soon as winter is over all the construction starts.

Fashion Friday Story - Michigan, My Michigan

It doesn’t matter where I eventually settle because Michigan will always be my home. And I will always root for the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings – and even the Detroit Lions, even though they suck.

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Fashion Friday Story - Michigan, My Michigan

Seriously, how can you not love these?! Where do you call home?

Fashion Friday Story - Michigan, My Michigan


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  1. James Robert says:

    Born and raised in Michigan myself….I couldn’t have said it better. I was raised in Algonac/Marine City area but now in Bay City.

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