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Fashion Friday: BE Shirt

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Fashion Friday: BE Shirt

Be. Be what? For me, I try to be brave. When I was picking my shirt from Cents of Style to feature for this post, I had the option to chose from lots of ‘be’ sayings: be kind, be bold, be happy, be still, be strong, be the good… And of course be brave.

To be blunt, my life hasn’t turned out the way I had planned it too back in high school. 18-year-old me saw 24-year-old me married, at least one kid, and a fabulous journalism job. But in reality? 24-year-old me is single, a cat for a child, and still living at home. My mental illness got in my way – got in the way of my dreams.Fashion Friday: BE Shirt

So what does this have to do with being brave? So much. I tell myself everyday to be brave enough to follow my new dream. My new dream is to be married with a kid by 30, working full-time as a blogger. But only if I can be brave enough to follow this dream will I even get close to fulfilling it.Fashion Friday: BE Shirt

There is also a quite ridiculous reason for why I wanted the “be brave” shirt. I am a giant Doctor Who fan. The last companion to the Doctor was Clara Oswald. In one of her final episodes, she dies by a thing in the shape of a raven that even the Doctor can’t stop. As she stands there, awaiting her fate, she says “let me be brave.” I don’t really know why, but that line just gets to me. I actually plan on it being my next tattoo.

Grab your own Be t-shirt for only $15.95 with free shipping! Use the code BESTORY at checkout. The code is valid 4/28 through 4/30.

Fashion Friday: BE Shirt

Let me know in the comments which shirt speaks to you!

Fashion Friday: BE Shirt


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  1. Everything starts with a dream and you are right we just have to be brave. It’s only us who can do something for our future, nobody will. Life is hard sometimes but we have to keep pushing and fighting. Beautiful post.

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