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Fab Five Friday

Another new series for all you fabulous readers! A lot like Worth it Wednesdays, I will give product reviews. But instead of one long product review, you will get five little ones. These are products I got for review for amazon or for my blog. Just stuff I find worth sharing.

1. Go Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Fab Five Friday Reviews with Stingy, Thrifty, Broke!

I’m relatively new to the essential oil life. I don’t know how much I believe that they are cure alls. But I do love diffusing them. They make my room smell really good.Fab Five Friday Reviews with Stingy, Thrifty, Broke!

I tend to use lavender when I am going to bed. I don’t know it it’s real or in my head, but it seems like it calms me.

I really like this brand of oil. It comes in a huge bottle. It is gonna take me forever to go through it all. It also is very potent so you don’t have to use much at all. I’m gonna be like 50 when it is all gone. 🙂

2. Aqua Dance 3 Way Combo Showerhead

When I first got this, I really was leary. My family has never been one to have the long, detachable shower head that you can hold and move all over. But it looked nice, so I was willing to try it.

Fab Five Friday Reviews with Stingy, Thrifty, Broke!I had my dad install it for me. It was really easy to install. It screwed right on to my shower. No issues with it not fitting or any leaks. So that right there is good.

I tested it out first. It was really strange having two different shower heads! The pressure wasn’t that great on them, I’m assuming because there are two. Less water to go to both the heads. I was told to remove the water pressure blocker and that would help.Fab Five Friday Reviews with Stingy, Thrifty, Broke!

What we ended up doing (well, my dad ended up doing) was taking off the hand held shower part, so we just have the main shower head. My parents both really like it. My dad says he likes it because of the different ways the water can come out, including one that is like a weird spray.

3. Eco friendly Silicone Mat Set

These are seriously the cutest little cutting mats. They are for quick meals, small meals. Not a meal for 100 people. They are pretty small, about big enough for a large piece of t-bone steak (the kind my uncle eats 2.5 of 🙂 )

Fab Five Friday Reviews with Stingy, Thrifty, Broke!

You get four in a pack. They come in different colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. Each color corresponds with a specific type of food, such as fish, veggies, fruits and meats. I will never use the fish one, so I guess I will just have to pretend its a chicken on there.

The mats themselves work well. I cut chicken on there and had zero problems. Although if I had had any issues, I would be dead for messing up the counter. My favorite part about these mats is that they have holes in the top. In the amazon picture, they show them being hung. But you could put a clip or something in the hole to keep them all together.

4. Vivree Kitchen Tongs Set

I love kitchen products. Who doesn’t need a new spoon, scraper, or tong? EVERYONE DOES. It is super nice to have a new set of everything. Or just rack up a ton of stuff without ever throwing it away. Whoops.

Fab Five Friday Reviews with Stingy, Thrifty, Broke!

These are super nice tongs. You get a set of two. They have silicone tips, which make them really easy to clean. They also seem to grip better with the silicone compared to normal plastic tongs.

Fab Five Friday Reviews with Stingy, Thrifty, Broke!

They have “pull-ring technology” which basically means a stopper to keep them closed. I really like this idea, even if it has a dumb name. You don’t have to worry about storing a pair of tongs that are open all the time, because the “technology” keeps it closed. Plus you can hang them from the ring if you want.

Fab Five Friday Reviews with Stingy, Thrifty, Broke!

5. Soft Claw Nail Caps for Cats

Ursula is front declawed, which means she still has her back claws. While they aren’t much of a problem, I really liked the idea of covering them and making them look pretty. I tried to paint her back nails once. That went over not at all. Plus you couldn’t see it. 🙁

The nail caps come in a bunch of different sizes. For Ursula, who is almost full grown, I got the large size. Plus, it was the only ones available at Meijer. I got two different sets, both purple and pinks. Very cute, very girly.

Fab Five Friday Reviews with Stingy, Thrifty, Broke!

It was a pain in the ass to get them on her. Touching her nails is the same as brushing her: murder. She hissed and fought like crazy. But it does say a lot though about her considering she never bit me or anything. Although she did attempt to kill my face with her clawless front paws.

The nails are relatively easy to put on, minus the part where Ursula fights them. You just use a little of the included nail glue and pop them right on. Then you make the cat wait five minutes. Ta-da! Done.

Fab Five Friday Reviews with Stingy, Thrifty, Broke!So far they have stayed on pretty well. She has only lost one, and I think that is because she was biting at it like crazy till it came off. Silly Ursula.

So that’s it for this week! All headings lead to a site where you can purchase the mentioned items. Please be aware that if you do click through and buy something, I make a *very* small commission off of it. Also, most of these items I received for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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