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Fab Five Friday

Welcome to another Fab Five Friday! This week I bring you five items I got from Amazon to review. All of the items I got free in order to give an honest review. Yes, it is awesome.

Idmix® 3.28ft 2-in-1 Lightning & Micro USB Cable


This is one of the coolest charging cords out there right now.

It is both an android and an iphone 6 cord. You can’t get more useful than that!

While I have an iphone, I also have a kindle, which has an android plug. Instead of having two cords lying around, I only need one: this one.

The charging tips fit on top of each other snuggly. The iphone 5 charger can be taken off, although it is connected to the cord so you won’t accidentally lose it.

I’ve had no issue with my iphone rejecting it.

Organic Cocoa Powder

I was pretty hesitant about using this dark chocolate. I am used to hershey cocoa that you buy at Walmart. Nothing fancy. I am so glad I did though.71l5myWgChLI used it in a microwave brownie in a cup. I added about a teaspoon. OMG, the flavor was amazing. It is rich and deep. I could definitely tell a difference from the cheap stuff. I wouldn’t use this for desserts for kids, because honestly, why would you waste it on them? Use it for yourself 🙂
I would definitely buy again. I can’t wait to use it around christmas for baking cookies.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker For Apple iPhone


This is such a cool little speaker. And I mean little! As you can see in the main picture, it is the size of an egg. This isn’t an exaggeration either. It fits perfectly inside of my palm.71wpaXvEMdL
The sound is really good for something so small. It doesn’t get like bang your brains out loud, but loud enough for a group talking at an average tone.61jgt+o-+xL
I tested out the battery and it stayed charged for about 9ish hours. Not all the way to 10, but that is ok. Nine is pretty long for me.61wsKziKJqL

I couldn’t really figure out how to use the speaker part, so I will have to reread the directions. But I like that it has that feature.61X8u7j62jL
Overall, I would definitely get this again. It is a great little speaker. Perfect for putting in your pocket and forgetting about it.

Premium Collapsible Strainer

61iFGfZft0LI love this strainer! It isn’t super big, which is perfect for a single person cooking (like me). It has a long handle, so you don’t have to worry about getting splashed.

71hVPfA+m8LThe cool part about this colander is that it collapses. That makes it perfect for storage.71VH30wRxLLIt is made of silicone and feels pretty heavy duty. There are little holes on all sides of the colander, so water or whatevs will drain out easily.71Km6dL0oJLThe strainer is super easy to clean. I cleaned it both by hand and in the dishwasher. Of course, it cleaned up a bit nicer in the dishwasher.715+S7jABSL

Huuman Insect Repellent Bracelet

This is great if you for a one time excursion. You get a bracelet and a keychain.



Each thing has its own little mosquito repellant pellet. They are super simple to open and put inside of the bracelet and keychain.719tBohX3bLUnfortunately, you only get two of them so you can’t really reuse them without buying more. There is no deet, but a different smell to ward off insects.

71S9hANT5JLI don’t know what it is but it smells good.

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