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Enjoy a Slice of Pecan Pie

It’s Pecan Pie Day! I find it interesting that Pecan Pie Day is in the middle of June instead of around Thanksgiving. Pecan pie is my favorite type of pie, hands down. When I studied abroad in London, I got really homesick right around Thanksgiving. I hunted down a $10 pecan pie at Whole Foods and ate the entire thing by myself. Even now that I’m home, I’ll still buy myself a pecan pie every year and shovel it into my pie hole. 

Anyways. 🙂

Check out a few delicious pecan pie recipes out there on the internet. 

Here’s a classic pecan pie:

Or pecan pie bars:

Or pecan pie cheese cake:

Or last but not least, pecan pie cookies:

Not wanting to make a full on pecan pie but want that delicious smell or taste? Check out some of these awesome products on Etsy! (aff link)

What is your favorite way to enjoy pecan pie?

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