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The Crazy Easy Way to Freeze Corn

Do you know that moment when you tell yourself ‘you really don’t need three giant bags of corn, even if they are two for $3.99 plus B2G1?’ I like to wave at those moments as they pass by (Pirates of the Carribean reference!)

The Crazy Easy Way to Freeze Corn

There is this amazing farmers market near me called Blocks. In the spring, they sell a ridiculous amount of flowers and veggie plants. It is where we buy almost everything. In the late summer/fall, they sell fruits and veggies. The prices are amazing – I just got 25lbs of tomatoes for $4.99. I love you Meijer, but you will never be able to beat that.

One afternoon after the flea market, my parents and I went to Blocks. I saw the special on corn mentioned above. I went and asked my mom, because even though I am 23, she is still the boss (plus she was paying.) She told me yes and I moved so fast towards that corn. My dad caught me on the way and said, we don’t need tons of corn. My response? Mom said I could.

At Blocks, all the corn is on giant trailers, straight from the fields. To find the best corn, pull down the husk at the top and look at the top of the corn. If it is full and delicious looking, take it. If it looks all dried up, throw it back.

Here are my three bags of corn, all outside and ready to be shucked. Tip: to make shucking corn easier, hit the bottom end against something hard. It will break mostly off and you can peel the rest of the husk off like paper. Just be careful to only hit the bottom part and not the yummy corn inside.

The Crazy Easy Way to Freeze Corn

I shoved all the naked corn back into my bags to carry inside. Much easier. Even all naked, I still have a crap ton of corn.

The Crazy Easy Way to Freeze Corn

The EASIEST way to cut corn is as follows:

Get a cutting board and put it over your sink. Have either a cutting board with a bowl or a bowl right under the cutting board so you can easily push the kernels right in.

Hold the ear vertically and take a VERY sharp knife and cut all the way from top to bottom. It is ok if you miss some or you don’t cut all the way to the solid ear part. The corn will still taste good.

I love the knives I linked to. They aren’t cheap, but holy crap are they sharp.

The Crazy Easy Way to Freeze Corn

You can see what the naked ear of corn looks like. Reminds me of the ones you put out for the animals after they have eaten all the good stuff. All those kernels are from that one ear of corn. You get a lot!

The Crazy Easy Way to Freeze Corn

I measured out a little more than a cup for storing. Only my dad and I eat it, so we don’t need big servings.

The Crazy Easy Way to Freeze Corn

I put each serving into snack sized bags. I tried sucking all the air out with a straw but almost nothing happened except for a mouthful of corn tasting air. It was gross. So I just pushed the air out with my hands.

You can see I also made baby sized ears of corn. I forgot to take pictures, but it is even easier than cutting off kernels. I cut a tad bit off at both ends (so when you put the corn holder things in they will stay in) and then just chopped it in two. I bagged them in quart sized baggies with four in each.

The Crazy Easy Way to Freeze Corn

I threw all of my little bags of corn into big gallon freezer bags. I then labeled them with the date so we wouldn’t accidently eat three-year-old corn. Unlikely, but I wouldn’t put it past us.

The Crazy Easy Way to Freeze Corn

The hardest part of this whole process is figuring out where in the freezer you are going to keep all the corn!

Have you ever froze corn before?

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  1. Maria Robin says:

    I put (4) corn on the cobs in plastic containers with water to cover, and freeze it. Taste just like it was ‘fresh from the field’.
    I also put a plastic bag in a plastic container and add fish, shrimp or crabs the same way water to cover then freeze. After frozen you may take the plastic bag out of the container and just place the product in your freezer. Container ready to be used again. It takes a little room but so worth it, you will want to stay home for dinner for these fresh treats.

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