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Easy Home Updates to Save on Energy Costs

Easy Home Updates to Save on Energy CostsWe’re all always looking for ways to save money, right? Who doesn’t want a little extra cash? We often look in the most obvious places to save money; drive less to save on gas, eat out less, and limit travel and activities that cost money. But there are a ton of ways to save money that you’re overlooking! In fact, you don’t have to look further than your utility bills. Utilities and home upkeep consume a lot of your monthly budget. Luckily, there are a few easy changes you can do to lower your utility bills every month and save on energy costs.

Turn on the A/C less

Easy Home Updates to Save on Energy Costs

This seems impossible during the summer. You don’t want to spend the rest of these hot months sweating inside your sweltering home, so not keeping your house cool isn’t an option. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your A/C on less. Turn on your ceiling fans first. Make sure that during the summer, your fan is turning counter clockwise to blow air straight down. During the winter, fans should rotate in the opposite direction to rotate warm air that gets trapped in the ceiling.

Another great way to ventilate your room is to put a box fan pointing out of a central window, and open a central window facing another direction. In the cooler morning and evening hours, turn this fan on and it will pull the cooler air in through the other open window. You can also open all the windows while you’re sleeping to bring the cool night air in, which will save you from having to run the A/C all night.

Tint your windows

When we hear of window tinting, we automatically think of the windows on your car. That’s where you expect to see window tinting, and it’s honestly where you do see it most. But you can actually get your home windows tinted, as well. This will help tremendously with energy costs, and will pay itself off in a matter of a few months. Having the windows tinted will keep some of the harsh sunlight out of your home, which will keep your home cooler in the summer. Not only that, but the interior will stay cooler better, meaning running your A/C for a shorter period of time will actually keep the inside of your home cooler for much longer than it would without window tinting.

The best time of day to water your lawn

Easy Home Updates to Save on Energy Costs

If you have a lawn, no matter how small that lawn is, you know how much of your monthly utility bills go towards water and paying to keep that lawn green and lush. The most cost effective way to get rid of this large water bill is to remove your lawn completely. However, you may not want to do that or maybe you aren’t even able to remove your lawn. In those cases, there are a few strategic things you can do to save money on sprinkler water.

First of all, water your lawn in the mornings! This will cause less of the water you’re using to be evaporated and effectively wasted. It also gives the water a good chance to soak into the ground before the sun gets really hot and dries everything up. This article has more useful suggestions for saving money on sprinkler water.

Update your insulation

This is an update that’s going to help you a lot not only during the summer, but during the winter! Your home insulation should be checked and replaced every fifteen years. Just like anything else, your insulation experiences normal wear and tear. Getting it replaced or updated means that your home will be better at conserving energy. Heat will be retained better during the winter, and the cool air will be retained better during the summer. Overall, it will be a lot easier, and a lot less expensive, to keep your home a comfortable temperature.

Solar panels

Easy Home Updates to Save on Energy Costs

Alright, so this one isn’t necessarily easy or cheap, but if you’re interested in reducing your energy costs, this is an investment that pays off quickly! Most solar companies will let you pay as you go, so it will be the same price as your current utility bill until you’ve paid off the panels. Once you’ve paid off the panels, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get them installed years ago. Your utility bill will not only drastically decrease, you’ll also be benefitting the environment.

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  1. John says:

    What a great way to stay in shape and save money! The small things we can do and take advantage of and spend the money else where! Thanks for your blog!
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  2. Home insulation will reduce your energy bills and the costs of cooling and heating your home.

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