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Easter Gift Guide (for adults!)

Easter is such a fun holiday. You get to dye eggs fun colors, hide them around the house, eat your favorite candy in the shape of eggs. But it is mostly just for kids. Yeah, we get to eat a big meal, but that’s about it. Kids get to open their baskets and see all the candy and little toys. And frankly, I don’t think that’s fair.

Easter Gift Guide (for adults!)

Just cause I’m 24, not 4, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get my own Easter basket. I like cool toys and candy too. So I decided I’d put together my own Easter basket.

Zandra Big Balms

I like items that are multipurpose. The Big Balm is definitely multipurpose. It is for your lips, cuticles, knees, elbows, face… pretty much where ever. They smell AMAZING. You can kind of tell, but they are nice and thick. I tried the Mint and Lemon Tea Tree.

What I think is the coolest about this company is that it is run by a 15-year-old. 15!! I barely have my life together at 24. She has graduated from adult entrepreneurial programs, teaches classes to both kids and adults, and is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

She also sells lotions, soaps, scrubs, deodorant, and more. PLUS, 10% of all sales goes to help the education of girls.

The Makeup Bullet

I’m not the best when it comes to understanding all of the different makeup tools. I know what a brush looks like and I know what a blender looks like. But these – these are something more.

The Makeup Bullets are a mix of a blender and finger puppet. You simply slip one on your finger and apply makeup as you would a normal blender. I put my foundation directly on the foam and applied it that way. According to Ella, after I blended it in, I looked beautiful.

Children can be so kind sometimes.

You get three sponge pack or a one pack. But you might as well get a three pack because it makes them cheaper per sponge.

As long as you treat it like garbage, it will last quite a long time. You clean it the same way you do a normal blender – just a little soap and water. This really is a must have for anyone who uses makeup (aka everyone.)

ChapStick DUO

One of my favorite lip balms has vanilla on one side and peppermint on the other. I like it because I have two flavors but only one stick to carry around. The new Chap Stick DUO is the same thing – but you get to pick your flavors!

The Duo’s come in a bunch of different flavors, such as Sweet Peach, Cool Mint, Berry Sorbet, Vanilla Shimmer, and more. You can start with a two pack or buy two singles.

The one below is the Peach and Vanilla Shimmer. The peach is a normal lip balm while the vanilla gives your lips just a bit of shine.

The balms are super easy to snap together – just a twist and a click. I like that they are an egg shape, because it makes applying that much easier.

What else should you include in the basket?

*these pictures are affiliate links*

Hair Coils

I haven’t tried this brand particularly, but I have tried a ton. I love these things for my hair.

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