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Dumpster Diving – What’s it all about?

What the heck is dumpster diving exactly?

According to Google, dumpster diving is “the practice of raiding Dumpsterdumpsters to find discarded items that are still useful, can be recycled, and have value.” To me, dumpster diving is an adventure where I find cool stuff for free. And who doesn’t like free stuff?

Dumpster diving is not as gross as you think.

When I first started dumpster diving I was pleasantly surprised that most retail dumpsters are actually very clean. Now, I know that seems ridiculous. It’s a dumpster, how can it possibly be clean? People put their garbage there!

Most trash is in a garbage bag when you look through it. If it’s not in a bag, it’s in a box. Employees don’t want to go out to a gross dumpster any more than you want to go in it.

Why dumpster dive?

People dumpster dive for all sorts of reasons. Some do it to feed their family. Others to find things to sell and make a living. Others just like the surprise of it.

I started dumpster diving in the fall of 2014. I was in a couponing group on facebook that had a few members who would post their dumpster diving hauls. I was incredibly jealous. They were finding toys, household goods, food. Everything I didn’t have. And most of it was new! There was absolutely zero doubt in my mind about getting into this hobby.

My parents weren’t huge fans in the beginning. I got the feeling they thought I was nuts. Nina, getting a dumpster? No way! The moment I converted my mom was when we found a huge amount of expensive baby items. We were able to stuff three car seats, three strollers, and two pack’n’plays in her Ford Fusion. All brand new, all in new condition.

I’m not entirely sure when I won over my dad. If I had to guess, I would say it was when I started bringing home an insane amount of working Keurigs.


Interested in learning how to dumpster dive? Stay tuned!

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