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Drive Safer with Toyota Highlander

*This post is sponsored by Toyota*Drive Safer with Toyota Highlander

I’ll be honest – I’m not always the safest driver. I get distracted while singing my lungs out or trying not to yell at the people around me. I’m human – it happens. With my personal car, nothing is there to help keep me as safe as possible. But with the Toyota Highlander, there finally is. Drive Safer with Toyota Highlander

The Highlander has a ton of fun extra features, many which are designed to keep everyone in the car as safe as can be. Even on the most basic package, the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) standard comes loaded on the car at no additional cost. The TSS features include:

  • Pre-collision system

The pre-collision system uses cameras, lasers and/or radar to detect other cars in front of you. It alerts you on the screen that you need to absolutely need to break and will even break for you if you don’t. 

  • Lane departure alert

Sometimes you drift out of your lane. It happens. But with the lane departure alert, it alerts you when you do drift into another lane so you can center yourself back in your own.

  • Automatic high beams

See easier at night with auto high beams. Your car can tell when to turn them on and when to turn them off when other cars are close. 

  • Dynamic radar cruise control

I love using cruise control on the expressway. But I hate when I have to suddenly break because someone cut in front of me. With the dynamic radar cruise control, the car will automatically decrease speed so you don’t hit the car who cut in front of you without deactivating cruise control.

  • Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection

Using cameras and radar, your car can help you avoid not just hitting another car, but a pedestrian as well.


While not toted as safety features, I also find the following great features to help me drive safe:

  • Backup cameraDrive Safer with Toyota Highlander

I find the backup cam one of my favorite features of any newer car. The camera not only allows me to backup easier, but make sure no one or thing is behind my car. I wouldn’t deal well if I ran someone or an animal over. 


  • Blindspot monitor

Drive Safer with Toyota Highlander

I’ve never had a blind spot monitor on a car before, so I loved this feature. When a car is 
next to you, a little car lights up on your side mirrors so you know not to merge into the next lane. This feature definitely helped me a few times!

Other fun stuff this car included was a bluray player AND headphones so you don’t have to listen to Moana for the 8 millionth time.


Sirius XM radio – which has a great 2000’s hits station I rocked out to all week.

Three section climate control – control the driver, the passenger, and the backseats all separately!

Drive Safer with Toyota Highlander

Check out the rest of my pictures and see just how beautiful this car is.

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Would you buy a Toyota Highlander? What is your favorite safety feature?

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