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DIY pillow into pillowcase part 2

You may have seen my other post about turning a pillow into a pillow case. That one was an Ariel pillow. This one is a frozen pillow. And there is no way I was getting rid of Frozen!! Yes, I am a Disney nerd to the extreme.

So the first step is to open the pillow. Once again I didn’t use a seam ripper, I just cut it open. Once open, remove the insides. Next, fold down the edges to make a seam. I was smart and used pins to hold the deam down this time. Made it much easier.


Use a big needle with a crap ton of yard threaded in it and start to sew. I just did in and out, back and front.

Once secured, you have to make a base t crochet on. Going back and forth to get each stitch, single crochet around. If your stitches are super far apart, do two SC, three SC, ect.


Now that your base is made, you can start. I did three main stitches. First I SC around. Then double crochet (DC), and finally triple crochet (TC).



I really wanted a pretty edge. To do that, chain one, *skip one, sc, skip 1, dc 5 in one stitch, and repeat around from the *. I actually ran out of yard 3/4s through, so I had to pull it out and restart. I ended up doing 3 dc instead of 5.

You NEED these crochet products!


By time I finished, it was like 2am and I was super tired. I wish I would have kept going and made it a bit longer. I still can of course, but I probably wont. 😛

This is a great way to save a flat pillow. Let me know if you end up trying it!

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