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Disney On Ice Reach for the Stars Review

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I am a Disney nerd. Both my cats are named after Disney characters (Ursula and Evie), I have a bazillion (roughly) Disney funkos, and almost every movie on dvd. Yeah, I’m that person.

I’ve been going to see Disney on Ice shows since I was a kid. My parents used to take me because well, they are pretty nerdy Disney people too (my dad told a story today about how he quotes Jungle Book at work and no one gets him.) We took my niece to her first show a few years back. 

My Niece and I

I was super excited to go see Disney on Ice with my niece, sister-in-law, and best friend. Not only would I get to see some of my favorite characters, but I got to go to the new Little Caesar’s Arena here in Detroit. 

I LOVED seeing all the kids dressed up. And not just kids, but some adults too. One lady dressed up as Elsa. We ran into her in the bathroom. Ella actually started pounding on my sister-in-law’s bathroom door yelling “ELSA IS HERE, MOMMY, ELSA!” I’m not sure who you are mysterious Elsa, but you made my niece’s night.

The setup of show was pretty simple. Minnie and Mickey and co introduced the different characters, those characters came out singing. We got to see the Little Mermaid, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen. 

Each act was a mini version of the real story. For example, they cut out the entire storyline of Ursula becoming Vanessa and trying to keep Ariel from Eric. It went from Ariel and Eric meeting, to Kiss the Girl, to them living happily ever after. That’s not exactly how the story goes, but we all still enjoyed it. 

My bestie, Karly, and I

Frozen was the final act. To say the whole thing was absolutely magical isn’t even enough to describe it. When Krisoff and Sven first came out, the crowd went wild. When Elsa came out, the crowd went insane. Yes, that includes me. I yelled and cheered too.

What really made the whole thing so amazing was the vibe of Let it Go. The entire place was singing. I teared up a bit, it was, well, THAT magical. There is just something about what Disney can do to both kids and adults alike that moved me. 

Now, while I do highly recommend attending any and every Disney on Ice forever, there was one little hang up. Before I get to it, I need to disclose: my bestie and I met in high school color guard. She was my coach and I ended up coaching with her one year at a different school. We know our stuff, even if we haven’t done it in awhile. So: the color guard work during the show was terrible. No one was on count. It hurt us a little inside. We ended up getting drink from the awesome LCA bar because of it. 

Overall, you should definitely go see Disney on Ice Reach for the Stars if it comes to your area. Take your kids, take your best friend, take yourself. It is 100% worth it. 

Oh, and here is a picture of my bestie and I with Elsa. Because yeah, we are that cool.






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