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Conquering the Snow in the Prius Premium

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Michigan winters can be brutal. It can be 40 degrees on day and then drop and dump 2 feet os snow the next. Because of our crazy weather, you need a car that can handle well in all weather conditions. I found that the Prius Premium is that perfect car. 


On Christmas Eve, I decided it would be a great idea for my mom and I to go check all the Targets in the area and see what kind of stuff they would have on clearance the day after Christmas. It would have been a regular shopping trip, if it hadn’t been snowing like crazy.

By time we were leaving the house, there was already 2-3 inches on the ground. We stayed out a few hours and the snow came down about an inch an hour! Driving around would have been absolutely terrible – but the Prius handled great.

I had never ridden in a Prius, much less driven one before. So what made the car so great to drive in the crappy weather?

  • LED Lighting + Automatic High Beams

With the LED projector headlights, it was easy to see in the dark, with the snow coming down. Plus with the automatic high beams, it turns the lights higher and lower by automatically knowing if a car is coming or not.

  • Heated Seats

It sounds silly, but having heated seats was absolutely amazing! It was so cold getting back into the car but the heated seats warmed up so quick. My hands might have been freezing, but at least my butt was warm!

  • Backup Camera

It is no secret that I love having a backup camera on the cars I drive. When it is dark, and it is snowing, having a backup camera really helps! I love that the camera also shows lines to help you park and backup perfectly.

  • Lane Departure

It’s hard telling where exactly the lane starts and when it ends when there is a ton of snow on the ground. But I loved having the lane departure alerts on the Prius. It makes a noise and visual warning when you start to drift out of your lane!

  • Blind Spot Monitor

Last thing you want to pay attention to is your blind spot when you are staring at the road in front of you (which is covered in snow!) The blind spot detection watches your blind spot for you and notifies you via the side mirrors if someone is next to you. 

Honestly, I loved this car. I wish I could have kept it for more than my allotted week! It drove great, got great milage, and had enough room for a big shopping trip. If you are looking for an energy efficient car with great handling, I definitely recommend the Prius Premium!


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2 Responses

  1. EBT says:

    I’d love a new Prius…

  2. Mark Jr. M. says:

    What a comfortable experience!
    Reading your article makes a feeling on the reader to buy a Prius. I think your drive was very pleased. The new technologies makes the driver experience more easier.

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