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Checking Out the New Cinemark!

So I accidently got to go to the VIP opening of the new Cinemark in Taylor, MI. I say accidently because I wasn’t invited. I wasn’t even planning on going. I just needed to ask a question and I couldn’t find a phone number anywhere. Once I got there, as I was waiting on my answer, I mentioned I was a blogger and WALA! That was my pass in!


First off, I was just super excited about being able to even get in. So excited, that I completely forgot to take a picture of the building. Whoops! But honestly, the building isn’t that exciting. It is facing the mall, so parking is a pain. Not a big fan of how they set that up.

The concessions area is very nice. You can buy the normal theater candy, for the normal theater prices. I got to try the popcorn, and I would recommend it. It’s nothing fancy¬†but still tasted good. You can get bottled pop/water, or the fountain pop. I would suggest fountain pop because you get more for your money. They serve Coke products, which makes my mom very happy.

I was unable to take pictures in my theater, as the movie had already started when I walked in. But I was able to take pictures in the XD theater. This movie theater is ridiculously huge.

Just look at the screen. I’d say it is two, maybe two and a half times bigger than the normal movie screen.


You can sorta see the speakers on the wall in this picture. You see the black squares on the wall? Those are the speakers and they line the walls.


Now onto the seating. The seats are what make this theater worth it. As you can see above, they have recliners! Yes, real life recliners! And they aren’t the ones with the handle you have to pull up, but just a button to press. I’m the person who always puts my feet up anyways, so this is the perfect solution for me. You also get a pretty good amount of arm space.

One thing I noticed, and I’m not sure if it will always be this way, is it is kind of chilly in there. I didn’t think I’d be staying, so I left my jacket in the car. I had my arms in my shirt like a kid, trying to stay warm. Make sure you don’t forget a jacket.

I ended up seeing How to Be Single, which I thought was just a comedy. It’s definitely a lot more (I cried), if you are wondering. The picture quality was great; it was perfectly clear. Same thing with the sound. My dad is going to love how perfect the sound is. He has an obsession with surround sound.

Now, this wouldn’t be Stingy, Thrifty, Broke if I didn’t mention the cool ways to save money. This applies to all Cinemark’s, not just the Taylor, MI location. Cinemark has an app. If you plan on visiting a Cinemark, download it now. You get 10 points for every ticket you buy. You also get points at the concession, something that most other theaters don’t do. My favorite thing is that while at the theater, you can put it into a movie mode. It basically just silences your phone until the movie is over. Just for doing that, you get another 10 points! You can then redeem those points for coupons!

There is also an email list to sign up for. It is mostly for concession items but expands into movie times and any special offers. Each week you will receive a new coupon for the concession area. If you tell them your birthday, you get a special treat? Free popcorn maybe?

The last way to save is by their special pricing. If you go before 6pm, tickets are $6 for just the regular theaters. The giant 3D theater starts at $14.50 for after 6, with a discount of 11.50 for kids and seniors. The giant theater with no 3D starts at $12.50, with $9.50 for kids and $9.75 for adults. Just a normal theater with 2D after 6pm starts at $10 for general admission, $7 for kids, $7.25 for seniors, and $8 for students.

You can also save by going to the first showing of the day or attending discount days. Personally, I just recommend going to a matinee. So much easier.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with this theater. I personally like having lots of theaters around, so I can go to see any movie at basically anytime I want. But when it comes to Cinemark, I really just love the seats.

What do you think about Cinemark Theaters?

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