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Back to School with Disney

*This post is sponsored by Disney Store* My niece is Disney obsessed. It could be because her Auntie smothered her with Disney since she was born. But more likely it is because Disney is...


Descendants 2 – Now on DVD!

*This post is sponsored by Disney* My niece has a slight obsession with Descendants. By slight, I mean she knows all the words and dances, her bedding is Descendants, she owns all the dolls…...

Drive Safer with Toyota Highlander 0

Drive Safer with Toyota Highlander

*This post is sponsored by Toyota* I’ll be honest – I’m not always the safest driver. I get distracted while singing my lungs out or trying not to yell at the people around me....

Back to School with Ful Backpacks 4

Back to School with Ful Backpacks

*This post is sponsored by Ful and may contain affiliate links* Back to school means new backpack time. I always loved picking out a new backpack every year after completely destroying last years. I’m...