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Bad Moms Christmas + Giveaway

Did you see A Bad Moms Christmas during the holidays? It is now out on DVD/Bluray!  Three overwhelmed and overworked mothers are ambushed during the holidays by their own moms. The original trio of suburban...


Home Again Movie Review + Giveaway

Reece Witherspoon stars in the romantic comedy, Home Again, now available on digital, and released on DVD/bluray December 12th!  Alice Kinney (Witherspoon) is a 40-year-old divorced mother of two, living in LA. During a...


Descendants 2 – Now on DVD!

*This post is sponsored by Disney* My niece has a slight obsession with Descendants. By slight, I mean she knows all the words and dances, her bedding is Descendants, she owns all the dolls…...


10 Books Being Turned into Movies in 2017

Books sometimes can make the greatest movies. Sometimes not so much (think the Blood and Chocolate movie.) Personally, I *mostly* love movie adaptations. When I read, I can see the story playing out as...