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February Monthly HP Printable

February is upon us! The month of love! I went with these cute little animal couples.  This free happy planner printable is designed for the classic Happy Planner, but with any of my stickers,...


Birthday Girl Happy Planner Printable

It is my birthday today! I turn 25, half way to 50. To celebrate my 25th, I designed this awesome printable. I found the pictures on Pinterest and the birthday clipart on Freepik. This...

Winter Foxes Happy Planner Printable 1

Winter Foxes Happy Planner Printable

Last week was houses, this week is foxes! I fell in love with the clipart from freepiks, so I knew I had to make a printable from it. I’ve only ever seen a fox...


Small Town Winter Happy Planner Printable

It is winter here in Michigan! Not that it hasn’t been, but this last week has been freezing! Schools were called off for the extreme cold and everything. The wind chill was at -25....