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Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War

Wow. That was my first thought after watching the newest Captain America movie. Just wow.

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

The movie follows in place after the last Avengers movie, Age of Ultron. A good movie, although I did like the first better. Anyways, it’s been a couple years since the Russian city got dropped back into the Earth. Even though they saved a bunch of people, they also killed a ton too. Keep that in mind, as that is the whole premise of the movie.

It starts with the Captain, Black Widow, Falcon and Scarlett Witch kicking ass, fighting bad guys, etc. Problem is, they do more than kill the bad guys. The kill civilians too.

From there you learn about the┬áSarkovian Accords, aka keep the avengers in check papers. This is where the rift really starts. One-half wants to sign them, the other half doesn’t.

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

Also, add in Bucky, the Hydra hijacked Super bad guy, or Captain Americas best friend. People want to capture him, well, they really want to kill him. Of course, the Capt isn’t going to stand by and let his oldest friend (literally, they are over 100 years old) get killed.

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

I’m not going to tell you more of the movie, simply because I don’t know how to write more without spoiling it.

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

Make sure to look out for some unexpected characters, as well as the classic “special” cameo at the end.

One thing to mention is that this movie isn’t a rehash of Avengers. The last Avengers was meant to be really funny. This movie, not so much. It gets down to the nitty-gritty of human emotion, something Marvel seemed to had turned away from once all the #1 of the character movies were made.

If you’ve read nothing up to here, READ THIS. Do not leave after the movie ends. There is a mid-credits clip. THEN, still stay in your seat, as there is an after-credits clip you won’t want to miss.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. Actually, on my personal Facebook, I described it as “F**king awesome.” Definitely one not to miss.

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